Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Five Favorites - August 2015

1) Swede! I know this is obvious... But I love this kiddo so much! I think she is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, all-around bestest little person that ever was, and I love being her mama more than anything. (Although it's often times the hardest thing ever too)!

2) Let's talk books!  I am a serious bookworm. I love reading. I love books. Reading is the #1 thing that I do with my free time, and I get a little twitchy if I'm don't get enough time to read. The latest book I read (and loved!) was Station Eleven. I'd heard about this book for a while but hesitated to read it because apocalypse/dystopian stories aren't really my cup of tea. But it was excellent. Very well written. And it really made me think about the privileges of the world we live in and various "what-if" scenarios. Currently I'm re-reading The Rosie Project for my new book club. (<-- Our second meeting is next Tuesday; I'm so thrilled to be in a book club again). So far it's just as delightful as the first time around two years ago.

3) This cake:

And this dog, obviously, who is quite disappointed about the lack of cake in her life. Many years ago - I can't quite face telling you how many - I spent the summer after College Part 1 working at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. I waited tables in the hotel restaurant with occasional shifts in housekeeping. My very favorite dessert was this amazing dense white cake with poppy seeds and cream cheese frosting. I finagled the recipe from the baker but thought I had lost it until last week. (It turned out my mom had it all along). I can't tell you how many times I've thought of this cake over the years, and unlike so many things, it was JUST AS GOOD as I remembered it.

4) ALL THE COFFEE. Not really. I have a very strict rule for myself that I can have either 1 latte or 2 cups of black tea in the morning. Usually I go for the latte, although I do love this tea. My husband bought me an espresso machine for my birthday a few years ago. Seriously, one of the best presents I've ever received. I do so love my morning latte. The first sip... is so heavenly. Every time.

5) I've been wearing this necklace that Swede "made" for me for my birthday pretty much nonstop the past two weeks. My mom took her to the bead shop in town. I don't know how much help/input Swede actually was in the bead selection and necklace making process, but it's my first gift "from" my daughter, and I love it. I love the colors too.

The end! What are your favorites this month???

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