Sunday, August 30, 2015

The last weekend in August

Greetings! Hope everyone had a great last weekend of August. I know we're talking pumpkin spice and I'm not saying I won't partake, but I do love summer and was so glad my little corner of the world was blessed with a couple gorgeous sunny days after a rainy week. For once, the weather on the weekend was better than during the week! Isn't it always the reverse... Sunny days while you're working and then pouring rain to spoil your Saturday picnic plans?

Without further ado, Here's a little rundown of the weekend.

Shoulda worn this on the 4th of July!

On Saturday morning, we went to the library. Do you use the library? I'm always surprised by people who don't use the library. Jonathan didn't ever use the library until we met. (Which is why we have So. Many. Books). I only buy my very favorite books, so most everything else comes from the library. It's also helpful to rotate Swede's books every couple weeks so I don't die of overdose from reading Busy Truck for the hundredth time.

Now we're reading Bear in a Square for the hundredth time

Then we headed to the park. Swede is such a daredevil climber on the jungle gym! And she loves running through the grass.

In the afternoon I got a pedicure, which was heavenly. I went for a pretty blue-green color instead of my standard red/pink hue, but was unable to get a photo that doesn't look... weird. How does anyone take photos of their feet that look normal? Tracy at Shutterbean does it so well in her Everyday Life posts.

Then, I made a pie!

Ohio Lemon Pie a la mode

I've wanted to try this pie for YEARS. The recipe is from an old-school edition of The Joy of Cooking. It sounds a little crazy. You grate the zest from a couple lemons, slice them super thin, mix them with a LOT of sugar, and let it sit for 24 hours. Then bake into a pie crust with some eggs, butter, and flour. Unfortunately - It was just OK. I'd rather have a lemon bar or these fabulous lemon cookies from How Sweet Eats.

On Sunday, I went on a bike ride on the river trail with Swede while Jonathan ran.

During nap time, I made my first Quiet Book page!

It's a little house puzzle where you match the shapes to the outlines. I feel like the upper right corner looks empty... Should I add a cloud?

Currently reading: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. My Paris-obsessed friend Chesleigh gave me this book for my birthday.

Paris in Colorado via Chesleigh (She gave me the mug too)!

Unfortunately, I'm not loving the book. The bookshop in question is a "Literary Apothecary" on a barge moored on the Seine that "prescribes" books to cure the reader. It's a great idea, but the characters seem a little flat. Like they are stereotypes of themselves. They don't talk or act like real people. I'm only a third of the way in so we'll see if it picks up.

Hope you had a great last weekend in August... What was the best part?

And now - Here's to September! Pumpkin spice all the things.


  1. I'm so excite for pumpkin spice too!! I'm holding off until mid-september, then it's game over :) Looks like you had a great final weekend!

    1. My fav is pumpkin spice cupcakes!


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