Friday, August 28, 2015

Thoughts on being pregnant - 25 weeks

So, I'm pregnant! Maybe you already knew that.

I'm due December 10th, and we're having a boy! Swede was born on November 18th - She'll be two this year. So we have a Thanksgiving baby, and now we're having a Christmas baby. The holidays will be BUSY from here on out!

Why, yes, I DO take the most awkward selfies ever
This pregnancy has been pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Swede. The first trimester was dominated by overwhelming fatigue and permanent low-grade nausea.

I was pretty sure I was pregnant before I tested because I noticed an immediate decrease in running stamina and speed. This happened with Swede too. But then I couldn't understand WHY was I suddenly so slow?!? This time I thought (hoped) I knew what it meant. And I was right!

One thing very different about this pregnancy is that we knew he's a boy! We didn't find out with Swede. I'm glad because A) All our newborn clothing and gear is gender-neutral, so we don't have to buy anything new right away, and B) It was really special when she was born. But knowing this one is a boy has been special in different ways. When I was pregnant with Swede, I was always thinking, "Who ARE you?" and now I'm thinking, "Of course - You're YOU." Like I know him a little already.

I bought Swede this "big sister" t-shirt with the plan of taking a photo to use as an announcement. On my first photo shoot attempt, this is the best one I got:

Hopefully she comes around by the time he's born

I have to admit, and I'm more honest about it this time around, that I don't love being pregnant. I feel like my body is so big and awkward and unwieldy. I miss being able to exercise at high intensity (and the accompanying endorphins). I'd like to be able to tie my shoes, shave my legs, roll over in bed, pick up Swede, without it being a big production. I miss being able to fit into my favorite clothes. Looking over this list, each item on its own is minor, but adds up to a general level of discomfort that just gets more difficult for me over time. It's all worth it - Hands down, No question - And I am beyond grateful that I've been twice-blessed, especially considering how many people I know struggling with infertility and miscarriage, but I think being pregnant is really hard.

However, after reading this blog post by Marathon Momma, I am trying to embrace this time a little more. We're only planning on having two children, so this will be (most likely) the last time I'm pregnant. It's really a short time in the grand scheme of life. I'll be running again before I know it, and will (hopefully) be a runner until I'm old and gray, but I won't ever get back this time with my little ones. So - Here's to being grateful, and to celebrating the next few months instead of wishing them over.

Here are some FUN things I'm looking forward to in the next 15(ish) weeks:
1) Starting a 10-week prenatal yoga series on Tuesday
2) One last work/fun trip to Denver in October
3) Swede's 2nd birthday in November
4) Getting all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped by December 1 (Ha!)
5) Meeting my little boy for the first time

And now it's on to the weekend! Hope you all have fun plans.


  1. Congrats!! Our little girls are only 8 days apart! That photo would be exactly what would happen to us ;)
    Great outlook on pregnancy, we only plan to have two as well so I hope try and enjoy my last pregnancy too :)

  2. Congrats!! You look amazing! December will be an exceptionally busy month for you, for sure! :) We also only plan on having one more and I hope I'm able to enjoy the pregnancy too. Although I'm sure it's a completely different experience being pregnant when you had a toddler to run around after! ;)


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