Thursday, September 24, 2015

Countdown to Baby #2

Friends, I'm feeling a little anxious that I am approximately 0% ready for Baby #2 to arrive. There's still plenty of time - All of October, All of November, with two weeks to spare before my due date. But I've had this nagging feeling lately that there are THINGS I NEED TO BE DOING. I guess this is the good old nesting instinct kicking in.

I am a hearty subscriber to the when-in-doubt-make-a-list philosophy, so here goes:

1. Go through all Swede's newborn and 3 month size clothes to pick out which are suitable for a boy. (Quite a few, actually, because we didn't know she was a girl and so most everything is gender-neutral). Then I'll need to decide what to do with her old clothes that are NOT suitable for a boy. (I think the answer might be, Keep them for my next friend who has a baby girl, because I don't think I can handle giving them away completely).

Baby Swede! Rocking one of her more boyish ensembles

2. The 3rd bedroom in our house is currently being used as a TV room/Music room and Jonathan's office, so we need to move all that stuff downstairs & reconfigure the living room. Then we need to move the mini-crib into that room, and I think we'll need a dresser, and a second sound machine, a second baby monitor, and black-out curtains.

3. Install the infant car seat.

4. Pack my hospital bag.

5. Take a tour of the "Family Birth Center" at the hospital.

6. Decide if I want to have newborn/family photos done. Find a photographer and schedule if so.

7. I'd like to make and freeze some meals. I didn't do this before Swede was born but it would be really nice to have some ready-to-go dinner options.

8. I really need to get started on preparing-Swede-for-Baby-#2. I ordered this I'm a Big Sister book to start the process. Any suggestions from folks out there with two little ones?

9. Not directly related to Baby #2, but I would really like to get most Christmas presents bought by the end of November.

10. Same as #9, but I just realized I can order Christmas stockings now! I didn't buy them last year because I knew we were planning on Baby #2 and wanted them all to match. I really like these. Or maybe these? And I think I want to get Christmas pajamas for the kids - Looking at this for Swede and this for Baby #2.

Christmas 2014, Seems like forever ago!

I know, I know... Enough talk about Christmas! It's hardly done being summer yet. I'll be the first to admit I got a little carried away just now. My apologies. It's just more fun to think about stockings and pajamas than reorganizing the entire house and you know... childbirth.

I'm also feeling a near-desperate need to completely reorganize my closet, but I don't really think there's much point until I am back to my normal size/weight again.

I don't know about you but making a list really helps me calm down and put things into perspective. One thing at a time, It'll all get done!


  1. It sounds like you have plenty to do and keep you busy before baby #2 arrives. I can’t imagine how you are feeling about having two young kids in the house. Now that my son is three weeks old, I seriously bow to those moms who care for a newborn AND a sibling. I don’t know how parents do it! You are going to be supermom!

    I like the idea of getting Christmas shopping out of the way before the baby arrives. If I were having a December baby, I would definitely get my shopping and wrapping done beforehand – another task to pass the time! Plus, Amazon would probably become my best friend.

    1. I am so nervous about having a toddler and a newborn! I don't know how anyone does it.
      Amazon to the rescue!!! :-)


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