Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Colors Weekend

The big event this weekend was driving to Silverton on Saturday morning to see the fall colors. Silverton is a little town in the San Juan mountains about an hour north of Durango. If you've heard about it recently it's probably and unfortunately because of the recent Gold King Mine waste water spill which dyed the Animas River the color of these leaves for several days. But Silverton really is a neat little town that's a great jumping-off point for various backcountry adventures, and is also the terminus of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Main Street - Silverton, Colorado

We had planned to have breakfast in Silverton but one of the two breakfast joints in town was closed and the other was really crowded, so we ended up with mediocre breakfast burritos from a coffeeshop down the street. Bummer.

Fortunately, the fall colors did not disappoint!


My favs

This photo would be epic if only she was smiling...

On Saturday afternoon I baked Jessica's "not-so-boring bran muffins" from Seriously Delish. I am seriously obsessed with this cookbook, and this might be my favorite recipe. I know you're thinking, Bran Muffins? Really? Yes. They have zucchini and pumpkin in them along with oat bran and flaxseed, so I think they are pretty healthy as well as being delicious.

Messy kitchen =

Delicious muffins!

I had been planning to bake something a little more decadent, such as these pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but unfortunately I failed the one-hour glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes on Friday. (And proceeded to have a complete and embarrassing meltdown at the doctor's office... Sigh). I have to do the three-hour test this week which hopefully will come back OK, but I've been giving some of my recent nutritional choices the once-over and it wouldn't hurt to cut back a little on the dessert front.

In other food-related news... This was dinner on Saturday. I wish it came with a glass of red wine!

Swede did not share the avocado

Sunday was pretty low-key. I went to church in the morning, then read The Martian during nap time. (Or what should have been nap time and ended up being Swede alternately playing/fussing in her crib for ages before taking a brief snooze. Which fills me with a terrible foreboding that nap times are coming to an end. When did your kids stop napping? What can I do? Help!!!). 

With regards to The Martian, I was really excited to read it, but so far (about 50 pages in) it's been a little technical. He's just stranded there on Mars trying to figure out how to grow potatoes. (For those of you who have read it... It gets better, Right?) I've heard that it's really good, and it's the next pick for my book club, and Jonathan is really excited to see the movie, and I can't see the movie until I've finished the book... So I'll press on. 

Other Sunday activities included: Nachos for dinner, a family hike, watching the new episode of Brooklyn 99 (<--The only show that Jonathan and I watch together), and checking out the lunar eclipse!

Back to the salt mine tomorrow. I sure miss my Mondays-off summertime work schedule!


  1. The fall colors are beautiful. I love this time of year. The muffins look and sound really good!

    1. I would send you some through the internets if I could! :-) Perfect grab-and-go snack when you can't put the baby down.

  2. So pretty! And those muffins look really similar to the ones I made this weekend. The zucchini helps them stay moist which I really like!

    1. You were a cooking machine this weekend! So impressed.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love fall for the changing colours.

    Definitely stick with The Martian. It didn't grab me right away, but I did end up really enjoying it! It's not a terribly well written book, but the main character is witty and funny and the math/sciency stuff doesn't take over, but you could always skim those parts if you're able to do that ;) (I'm not). And I agree - I can't see the movie until I've read the book! :)

    1. I can't skim either! But I've given myself permission to just not understand all the technology details, and that's making it easier. I was treating it like science class before. I do like the main character. Looking forward to the movie!


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