Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Five Favorites - September 2015

1) Yoga! I started going to a weekly prenatal yoga class on Tuesday evenings and have really been enjoying it. The yoga class itself is nice. I like taking the time to stretch and breathe and to just be calm and still. It's also nice to connect with other people, and especially ones in similar circumstances. One downside to working at home is that it's hard to make new friends! Another good thing about this class is that I'm gone from 5-7, so Jonathan handles bedtime with Swede. She has a meltdown if Jonathan tries to put her to bed when I'm home, but if I'm gone they have a perfectly nice time. It's good for them to have some special time together, and it's good for me to have some special time away!

2) My favorite breakfast these days is triple berry chia seed pudding.

Just noticed this bowl is chipped... Bummer

My super easy "recipe" is to mix together 1/4 c chia seeds, 1 c milk, and 1 c Greek yoga. It thickens up in the fridge overnight and in the morning I add a drizzle of maple syrup and all the berries. Peaches are good too. Swede is also a fan! We usually share two breakfasts from one batch. The only problem I have is remembering (and being motivated) to mix it up the night before!

3) My favorite item of clothing right now is this A-Line tunic from Garnet Hill. Obviously there's enough room to be 27-weeks pregnant, but it's not specifically a maternity item, so I'm hoping it'll work now and later. Although... Looking at this photo I'm not entirely sure it's that flattering right now, Hmmm. I don't think I care though. I'm all about being comfortable these days!

You'll know it's really fall here when I stop wearing my Chacos

Before I move on to the next favorite... Let me complain for a minute about how Garnet Hill still charges shipping & handling fees. It drives me crazy to pay shipping for clothes if I don't end up keeping them. $10+ for the privilege of trying something on? Luckily this tunic worked out but I hesitated for a long time whether to buy it or not because of the dreaded shipping and handling fees.

4) I am not much of an interior decorator. Our house is mostly comprised of mismatched pieces picked up over the years. It's not that I wouldn't like it to look like a Pottery Barn catalog... I'd just rather spend my time and money elsewhere. I didn't "do" a nursery for Swede at all. We plunked a mini-crib with an attached dresser/changing table and an old armchair in a corner of the guest room and called it good. Baby #2 will most likely get similar treatment, although I am in love with these two prints from Etsy, and think they would look great in a nursery if I can get my act together.

This is the shop they are from, although it's on a break until late September.

5) I know it goes without saying that Swede is a favorite all the time! But I am really enjoying watching her personality develop. Shopping for her has been so fun, but I'm looking forward to when she'll start picking out her own clothes. I'm just so curious what her "style" is going to be like! Currently it involves wearing three headbands all at once.

Luckily she also likes this puffin print dress from Boden which I couldn't resist!

What are you enjoying this month???


  1. Swede is adorable & I love the Etsy prints!

    1. Thanks! I am slowly building momentum towards an adventure/travel nursery theme...

  2. Haha, Sully has a meltdown if my husband tries to put him to bed when I'm home too. But if I'm out, no big deal! Actually, we find Sully is often more whiney and needy with me when my husband is home.
    I think that top is super cute and will look great when you have a big bump!
    And I love those two prints! They feel timeless and classic.

    1. Since I wrote this Swede has been so whiney and needy we are at our wits end! Please let this be a short phase and not the start of the terrible twos!
      You can never have too many stripes is my motto. :-)


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