Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Five Favorites - October 2015

1) Swede is talking!!! Over the past six months it's been a source of on-and-off concern that she's a little "behind" the traditional milestones for language acquisition. She's right on track for everything else, and she understands everything we say, but she hasn't said much until recently. I really think all kids develop in their own way and time, so have hesitated to pursue speech therapy, but it's been really fun (and frankly, a big relief) that she has become a serious chatterbox this month.

Now she can say "truck" instead of just pointing at them!

2) I bought this Earth Therapeutics Pedicure Kit and have been using it a couple times a week this month. It's becoming increasingly awkward to reach my feet, but I'm going to keep it up as long as I can! I also love the Earth Therapeutics Liquid Pajamas lotion for my hands before bed. It's so silky and smells wonderful.

3) All the cozy clothes. Seriously, I cannot resist anything fleece-lined! Some current favorites:
     - This Cozy Hoody from Boden in dusty pink. I considered the leopard print but realized I'll probably be wearing this in 90% of photos taken of me with Baby #2 this winter, so maybe a neutral would be better.
     - These Black Woolen Classic Toms lined with faux-shearling.
     - This Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt from L.L. Bean. It's a little boxy (especially so while pregnant) but really soft and warm.

4) Crock-Pot meals. As the weather changes I'm putting more and more soups and stews on the menu, and using the Crock-Pot sure makes it easier!

[Fun fact: I got my Crock-Pot in a trade with my friend Ashley for a hair dryer. She had an extra Crock-Pot and I had a pixie cut at the time so didn't need the hair dryer. I did end up buying a new hair dryer later on, but still... A pretty good deal!]

Here are a few of my favorite Crock-Pot recipes:
     - Mexican Chicken Soup
     - Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pasta from Crock-Pot Gourmet
     - Lasagna Soup from Family Fresh Meals. (Thanks for this one Lindsey!)
     - Beef stew - I just use the basic recipe off a packet of beef stew seasoning.
     - Chicken and Pinto Bean Burritos from Bev Cooks.
     - Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, and Short Rib Hash from Seriously Delish. The hash is not the quickest meal, but it's so delicious. You only do the short ribs in the Crock-Pot, then add to a potato, onion, and green bell pepper hash and top with fried/poached eggs.

Short Rib Hash... My new favorite breakfast for dinner!

5) I'm going through an old movie phase. I think reading Love Walked In which references several old movies [mostly starring Cary Grant] made me want to watch them again. Lately I've watched Charade, The Philadelphia Story, Roman Holiday, and Rear Window. Do you like classic movies? What's your favorite? Mine is It Happened One Night.

Happy October! What are you loving this month? Can you believe there isn't anything pumpkin spice on this list?!?!


  1. How'd you like the buffalo chicken pasta? Did it come out dry like mine?

    1. Ahh, Thank you! I couldn't remember who I got that recipe from. We really liked it! But yes, I did have to keep adding chicken broth and stirring the last hour once I added the pasta to keep it from drying out.

  2. So exciting that she is talking! Must be different to hear her little voice all of the sudden :)

    1. It's really exciting! She's been babbling for a while but suddenly it's making sense! I will never get tired of her calling me Mama. :-)

  3. I always say I want to watch the old classic movies, but then I never can actually bring myself to do it!

    Do you brown your beef before you make crockpot stew? This is a step I'm scared to skip, but a step I also hate doing, lol.

    1. Nope, I just dredge each piece in flour and then put it straight in like that. It cooks up just fine! I refuse to make any Crock-Pot recipe that requires any pre-cooking.

  4. Your daughter's name is Swede?! I love that. That's awesome that she started chatting away! Several friends of mine had children who didn't speak much either and said speech therapy really didn't do anything anyway.

    Crock pot meals all the way right now. So easy and I love having something nice and hot to eat.

    1. Swede is just her nickname, I campaigned hard but couldn't talk my husband into making it her real name! It's what we call her 99.9% of the time though.


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