Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Weekend

We started the weekend with homemade eggs Benedict for breakfast on Saturday morning. The Hollandaise sauce was from a packet - I'm no Martha Stewart - but it was still delicious, and fun to do something "fancy." After breakfast, Swede and I made our weekly visit to the library to replenish the bedtime story supply.

The big family outing this weekend is that we went to the pumpkin patch! It was a really beautiful day. Swede enjoyed playing on the little train, and pointing at the tractor every time it came nearby, and making friends with the scarecrow. We picked out a nice little pumpkin that we might try to carve next weekend.

Choo Choo!

She gave the scarecrow a hug.

During nap time I did laundry and read. I finished The Martian. It was good but not great. I gave it 3 stars on GoodReads = Average. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie though. It's not often the case but I think the movie will be better than the book. The main character is very likable, and the tension is high until the very end, but it was very scientific. I had to give myself permission to not understand every single detail.

We went on a family hike around the neighborhood after dinner. For a while Swede wanted to hike on her own but she's been loving the Osprey backpack again lately.

Hiking buddies :-)

On Sunday we met Jonathan's parents for breakfast at El Moro. I had a classic English Muffin sandwich with a fried egg and ham.


During nap time I put together The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. The recipe seemed really big so I only made half, but I realize now I should have made it all and put half in the freezer for later. That is the only way I'll ever be able to stock up some extra meals for when Baby #2 arrives!

When Swede woke up we went to see the big construction equipment where they are building new houses at the end of our road. It was a big hit! Then we came home and read B is for Bulldozer another few (dozen) times.

Steamroller Swede!

Upcoming this week: I have the three-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes on Tuesday. Besides the obvious inconvenience of taking the whole morning off work to sit at the doctor's office and have my blood drawn three times... I really really REALLY don't want to have gestational diabetes. Wish me luck!

Did you have a nice weekend? Anything fun going on this week?


  1. Good luck taking the glucose test. I know it isn't fun. We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend too. :)

    1. Are you going to carve your pumpkins? I haven't decided... It's so messy! (Says the mom of a toddler, I should just get used to it!)

  2. Aw, the pumpkin patch looks so fun! I need to find something like that where we are. All these fun things we get to do once you have a kid! :) I too am excited for The Martian film. My biggest issue with the book was being able to picture all the things he was talking about…like in my mind while reading the book, I assumed the area where he was planting potatoes to be REALLY small. But then I saw the preview for the movie and was like, whoa, I didn't picture that right at all, haha!! Good luck at your gestational diabetes test! My first time I had to do it twice since my first test came back borderline. Boo! Although yay for 3 hours of almost uninterrupted reading time! :)

    1. I agree, The best part of test is the enforced reading time!
      I had the same thought when I watched the preview for The Martian:.. Ohhh, THAT's what it looks like.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love pioneer woman's recipe...always so good! Hope your glucose test goes well :)

    1. This was actually the first time I tried one of her recipes, but it won't be the last! The step-by-step instructions on the blog make them seem more complicated and time-consuming than they really are.


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