Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thoughts on being pregnant - 30 Weeks

I'm writing this post during my three-hour glucose test, which could make or break how I feel about the remainder of this pregnancy. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I have gestational diabetes, but who isn't in favor of LESS complications. [Update on Thursday as I finish this post: I passed! Huzzah! I might have done a little too well. When my doctor called to give me the results she said, Please don't ever go that long without eating for the rest of your pregnancy, because your blood sugar was REALLY low by the end." I think failing the one-hour test was a fluke.]

The big 3-0

So... 30 Weeks! This seems like a milestone. I'm 3/4th of the way through this pregnancy. Ten weeks doesn't seem like that much time. I have yet to do anything from the Countdown to Baby #2 to-do list. Wait, That's not true. I did buy Christmas pajamas, which is the least pressing matter. And I've started mentioning the new baby to Swede more often.

Big sister skills in action!

In my last pregnancy update at 25 weeks I think I was still adjusting to being pregnant. Apparently it took me over half the pregnancy to accept that it's really happening! I was so focused on the limitations - What I couldn't eat, What I couldn't do physically. But in the past five weeks it's become the new normal. Also, I think it's harder to be pregnant when you don't look pregnant. I've finally reached the point where I'm obviously pregnant, rather than watching people look at my stomach with an is-she-or-isn't-she expression. And I love feeling the baby kick and move around. That is my favorite part of pregnancy.

I've been enjoying my weekly prenatal yoga class. I do miss the rinsed-out feeling a good hot Vinyasa class gives you, but it's nice to stretch and be calm and to chat with the other pregnant ladies. Otherwise for exercise we've been doing a family hike around the neighborhood almost every day. Until this week, at least, since the trails are too muddy after several rainy days.

Rainy days do have some compensation.
Sleeping... Has started to suffer a little. Some nights are better than others. I always get up at least once, usually twice, to go to the bathroom, but usually can fall back asleep easily enough. Sometimes I'm more restless. I can feel myself lying there not asleep but not-quite-awake either. I've only been awake enough (and hungry enough) twice to actually get out of bed for a bowl of Cheerios and to read for a while, which was an every-night occurrence the last trimester with Swede.

My maternity wardrobe is pretty slim. I have one pair or cropped jeans (which I noticed yesterday have a hole) and one pair of normal jeans, and three maternity-specific tops, and a few non-maternity tops that are loose enough to still work. (Still loving this tunic from Garnet Hill in the photo above). Mostly I live in these Aster Cropped Pants from Eddie Bauer or these Maternity Metro Leggings from Athleta, plus a stretchy tank top and a loose sweatshirt or fleece. The best perk about working from home is the relaxed dress code!

I think what I'm most curious about is how Swede and Baby #2 will be similar and different. Will they reach milestones at the same time? Will they sleep the same? (Probably not, because Swede is a great sleeper and I doubt I'll be so lucky twice). Will they look alike? I am so SO looking forward to seeing his little face.

I can't get enough Baby Swede photos these days!

I guess that's about all I have to say for now... I'll check back in at 35 Weeks!


  1. You look great!! Like you I wonder a lot about baby #2 too and how they'll be the same and different from Avery. Avery was a great sleeper too which scares me, can we get lucky twice?!

    1. Maybe it's our awesome genetics or parenting techniques... We can only hope! :-)

  2. I went to reply to your comment but your email isn't linked to your profile :(

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I updated!

  3. Congrats on being 3/4th of the way through! And I love how little "special" maternity clothes you have. I'm hoping I can be the same way when we have our first since I work from home as well. :)

    1. I think the only "maternity" item you really need is a decent pair of jeans. If I was doing it again I'd splurge on jeans (and maybe a cute baby shower dress) to pair with loose/stretchy non-maternity tops/tunics.


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