Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trip to Denver [October 2015]

I returned home today from my last trip to Denver before Baby #2 arrives! I'm always a little overwhelmed by the time I come home after being on-the-go every single minute while I was away. It's really great to see my friends and good to connect with work colleagues, but it's SO different from my usual quiet day-to-day introvert lifestyle!

I was supposed to catch an 8 am flight on Sunday morning and had made plans to go to the corn maze and lunch with Chesleigh and Laura, but found out on Saturday that that flight was cancelled! Gah! I managed [barely!] to get a seat on the 10:30 am flight instead - I was the last one on the plane! We had to skip the corn maze but managed to squeeze in lunch at Crema. I had a slice of quiche with a side salad, a fresh carrot-beet-ginger-apple juice, and a cookie.


The lovely Chesleigh!

And the lovely Laura!

After lunch I drove out to Breckenridge to meet a group of work people for a manager retreat & training. We stayed at the Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, which was nice, but it was a little disappointing to go all the way to Breckenridge and not ever leave the hotel!

Not complaining about the fancy hotel suite though!

On Sunday night there was dinner and a team-building activity. <-- Cake decorating, and I'm too embarrassed to show you a photo of my team's pathetic contribution! All day Monday we had various meetings and trainings, and then I drove back to Denver Monday night. I made a quick stop at Target to pick up new pajamas for Swede, and for dinner at Chick-Fil-A [one of my favorite Denver treats], and then checked into my Denver hotel.

When in doubt... PENGUINS!

I worked from the "real" office on Tuesday - Lots more meetings with co-workers and clients. After work I went to my friend Tyffani's house to meet her adorable baby boy Elliott! He was 2 months old last Friday. Meeting him made me really excited to meet my own little boy in [approximately] 7 weeks!

He wasn't QUITE as excited to meet me...

What is more precious than a sleeping baby face?!

Elliott accompanied us to dinner with Ashley and Jenny at Village Cork, a cozy little wine bar and restaurant. I couldn't believe how quiet and calm Elliott was at the restaurant! We "split" a warm brie & roasted garlic appetizer that was delicious, and I had a roast chicken & root vegetable entree.

 I may have had more than my fair share of the brie...

On Wednesday I worked in the morning and caught an early afternoon flight home. I've been opting out of the body scanner in security while pregnant, and last time I flew home it took so long that I almost missed my flight! This time I gave myself plenty of time and ended up breezing through in 20 minutes, so I had enough extra time to sit down for lunch [and a mocktail] at Root Down.

Cucumber Fizz!

I'm so glad to be home and reunited with my loved ones! This is the first time I've gotten home from a trip early enough to see Swede before bedtime, and she was really excited to see me, which was lovely. So many hugs! And Gumball has been glued to my side the entire time as I write this.

It feels like it should be the weekend already but there's two more days to go!!! I have the day off tomorrow though and am taking Swede to a Halloween party at her preschool.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. Sounds like you had a great, jam-packed trip! I love staying in hotel rooms by myself...unfortunately that doesn't happen very often lol! And yes, when in doubt, penguins! (My fav animal) ;)

    1. I always think I'm going to sleep so well at the hotel... Perfectly quiet, Huge bed all to myself, but it's always the opposite. I miss my flannel sheets and my own pillow and snuggling with my dog.
      Penguins are Swede's favorite animal by far. She was all "Pings! Pings!" when I showed them to her. :-)

  2. I love Colorado - How fun that you were able to go to Breckenridge for work! Those penguin pajamas are the cutest. I'm so glad I found you! I love making fellow mama blog friends :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Glad I found your blog too! We're having a boy in December so reading about Dean makes me excited to meet my own little boy!

  3. Sounds like a great week! I love Colorado and those penguin PJ's!!


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