Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend [Oct 17-18, 2015]

Another quiet weekend in this neck of the woods!


We met up with Jonathan's parents in the morning for a photo shoot and then lunch. Neither activity was particularly successful due to Swede being a "grumpus." <-- Technical term.  I really hope SOME of the photos turned out. We should have them in a week or so. Fingers crossed! 

Swede did take a decent nap on Saturday afternoon during which time I finished After You by Jojo Moyes. I gave it 3/5 stars. Maybe closer to 3.5 stars. I liked it better than Me Before You, which I know not many people will say. I don't feel like I can talk about the plot much without giving things away. Suffice to say that Louisa's life is not all sunshine and roses after Will's death, but I liked the new characters introduced, and the scene is set for a third installment which I hope is in progress!

The rest of Saturday we mooched around the house with Swede, who was thankfully in a better mood post-nap. I kept waffling between trying to embrace the "do-nothing moments" per Hands Free Mama, and being a little bored.

The big success of the weekend was getting Swede to consent to a ponytail.


The day started early with going to church at 8 am. We were a little rushed getting out the door on time. I think I prefer a slower start to the day on weekends. [Preferably one that involves a fancy breakfast!]

Then we set out in search of puddles since it rained ALL last night.

I started Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid during nap time. It's light and quick and very Sliding Doors.

Swede and I went to the Powerhouse Science Center with my mom in the afternoon. Do you have a children's science museum nearby? I'd like to take Swede to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science someday. Maybe next summer.

Now it's time to finish up the day with Brooklyn 99 and some ice cream! <--Currently into Tillamook Mudslide, Yum.

How was your weekend???


  1. Cute pony tail. I'm excited for Allie's hair to get long enough so I can put bows in her hair.

    1. My advice is to start now with headbands to get her used to it!

  2. I haven't read After You, but it's definitely on my list. I LOVED Me Before You though. Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend! Swede's little rain coat and boots (and ponytail!) are so cute!

    1. My impression (via GoodReads) is that people who loved Me Before You don't love After You as much, but I like knowing what happens next. Really hope she does a 3rd book.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Did you take family pictures?

    1. Yep, J's parents wanted one with everyone for their Christmas card... I really hope Miss Frowny Face didn't ruin them all. :-)

  4. Going on a puddle hunt with a toddler sounds like such a fun weekend activity!


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