Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Swede!!!

My darling girl is 2 years old today! We had a low key birthday party with my parents, my brother, and Jonathan's parents. I made Funfetti Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is, plus a cheese/salami/olive platter.

I think she liked the cupcakes.

At age 2, Swede's favorite things to do: She likes to play with Legos. She LOVES her baby doll and her stuffed animal friends - Lately she's been into pretending to change diapers and put them to bed. We read lots of books together. She likes puzzles, and trucks, and helping out in the kitchen - We bake together and the first thing she does every morning is help Jonathan put away all the dishes. She likes exploring outside and collecting pine cones, rocks, and dry leaves. When we go to the park all she really cares about is swinging, swinging, swinging, and has to try every single swing.

Swede & Friends

Her real name is Ingrid. We call her Swede because a) She is named after Ingrid Bergman who was Swedish, and b) One of my favorite literary characters of all time is an eight-year-old girl named Swede from Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. Her middle name, Katherine, is my mom's name. [Hi Mom! Love you!]

Favorite foods: I'd say her two very favorite foods are cheese and blueberry cake donuts. Her typical/favorite meals consist of:
For breakfast - Oatmeal with blueberries & yogurt, or with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, & yogurt. Pancakes. Scrambled eggs with cheese. Banana with peanut butter.
For lunch/dinner - Grilled cheese. Macaroni & cheese. Pizza. Refried beans with cheese, avocado, and sour cream.
Snacks: Apples. Yogurt with blueberries/raspberries/strawberries. Goldfish crackers.

 Sweet Swede the Baker
She has zero interest in TV, which I think is a blessing, but sometimes I wouldn't mind a little break. She likes to sing and has some pretty killer dance moves. She recently learned how to jump off the ground with both feet at the same time. She is always talking these days. Every day there are new words, and she is starting to say 2-3 word sentences. I'm pretty sure she is left-handed.

Bedtime routine: Bath time is fun, if you don't mind getting wet! She's very good at having her teeth brushed, but getting into her pajamas and sleep sack can be a struggle. Then we read stories together which I love. She insists that I kiss all her bedtime friends goodnight when I tuck her in. She's still in her crib but we're planning the transition to a toddler bed sooner than later. She sleeps from about 7 pm to 6:30 am and takes a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon.

 Birthdays are no joking matter.

She is such a sweet, funny, all-around wonderful kid. She brings joy [and frustration, but mostly joy] into my heart every single day.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I was actually wondering about her name/nickname..pretty cool! YES TO BE LEFT HANDED!!!!!! And goldfish crackers are the best.. I think in the last 7 months I've made up for not having them growing up.

    1. My mom and grandpa and left-handed and so is Jonathan's mom so she had a pretty good chance! I think it's cool how random things like that come down through the generations.

  2. Awww Happy Birthday Swede! I too, was wondering about her name but didn't want to look nosy (even though I'm very nosy lol). Both are beautiful! I think Sully may be left handed least right now he is very ambidextrous.

    1. I tried to get Jonathan to agree to Swede as her real name but no go. I guess it's good to have a more "professional" name for later on. :-)

  3. Happy belated birthday to Ingrid! I love her name and sorry for being nosy :)


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