Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Decorating Weekend

I feel like my days, since Abel was born, are comprised of two-hour blocks of time in between feeding him, in which I attempt to get as much done as possible!

This was the agenda on Saturday:

7-9 am: Breakfast / Shower / Get dressed (and get Swede dressed, which is more difficult).
9:30-11:30 am: Go to the library! Abel's first official outing other than the pediatrician.
12-2 pm: Lunch / Put Swede down for a nap / Fold laundry / Do some final online Christmas shopping.
2:30-4:30 pm: Put up the Christmas tree!
5-7 pm: Jonathan's parents bring Chinese food for dinner / Bedtime with Swede - Bath, PJs, Stories.
7:30-9:30: Take Gumball on a short walk to the mailbox / Get ready for bed / Read.

All my photos from the weekend are from decorating for Christmas on Saturday afternoon.  Prepare yourself for the holiday onslaught!

Swede really liked decorating the tree... For about 15 minutes.

Abel was less impressed.

Gumball was the only one who would pose for the camera.

I love our new stockings! From The Colorful Chicken on Etsy.

We've been doing M&Ms in the Advent calendar for Swede... Very fun!

Abel's first Christmas!

On Sunday, Swede & I did some more holiday baking with my mom... Molasses Sugar Cookies this time. I spent all of Swede's nap obsessing over which Christmas card to choose from Shutterfly and which photos to use. 

We didn't do anything after Swede's nap, which is retrospect was a mistake, but there aren't many options with a less-than-2-week-old baby and a still-recovering mom. It was a difficult afternoon for Swede, and consequently, for everyone else! The combination of waking up to early / being two years old / adjusting to the new baby / boredom from spending so much time at home lately... Is not ideal.

I'm about the finish up the day with some cookies and a Christmas movie... Elf, anyone???


  1. Love the stockings and I think that's a great idea for an advent calendar! I can't wait to have one for Wes next year

    1. I am so excited that Swede is into the Advent calendar this year! It's really fun.

  2. Love your advent calendar! Where did you get it?

    1. I bought it last year at a local store. I have no idea what brand it is unfortunately.

  3. Your kids are so cute! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season <3

  4. I swear I can get SO much done during those two hour blocks. My husband doesn't get it- he's constantly telling me to nap. There's no way I can nap with all the things I need to do besides feed my baby! Like shower! LOL

    1. I really should be napping, at least every couple days, but it's so hard to ignore the to-do list... Which includes items such as: Shower. Eat lunch. Pay bills. Because if I don't write it down I'd never remember!

  5. That's a great advent calendar! I didn't do one with Sully this year since we were gone for the first 9 days of the month and I Wasn't sure he would "get" it, but now I feel kind of bad that I didn't at least try. I don't remember napping much either…although Sully was a baby that wanted to be held while he napped, so I did a lot of reading and netflix watching during that time! When do you blog and read blogs? I'm always curious where bloggers fit that part in!

    1. I'm still figuring out how to balance everything! So far I've been reading blogs on my phone while nursing or when I'm just holding Abel while he sleeps. And blogging in the evenings or when he's napping in the crib/swing.


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