Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Five Favorites - Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Day! [Question: Do you call the whole day Christmas Eve? Or just the actual EVEning? I usually call the whole day Christmas Eve but something compelled me to add the "Day" to my greeting above.]

Here are some things I've been loving this holiday season.

1) While I admit I should probably reign in my cookie consumption, I have so enjoyed baking holiday cookies with Swede. This year we made: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Molasses Sugar Cookies, Date Pinwheels [a classic family recipe from my Great-Grandma], Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, and The Browniest Cookies. I still have my heart set on making a batch of Linzer Cookies, then I'll call it good.

2) I have also enjoyed reading Christmas books with Swede! Our favorites are: Fa La La by Leslie Patricelli, The Story of Christmas by Thomas Nelson [<--This is a nice version of the traditional Bible story], Peppa's Christmas Wish, and the classic The Night Before Christmas. [<--It looks like the version in the photo below is out of print, which is too bad because that is THE quintessential edition in my opinion!]

3) What list of Christmas favorites would be complete without my favorite holiday movies?!? Tied for first place are Elf and The Family Stone, with honorable mentions going to: A Charlie Brown ChristmasThe Holiday, and White Christmas, although I have to admit I do fast-forward through some of the extended dance scenes in that last one.

4) I love love LOVE our Christmas cards this year! They are from Shutterfly.


5) This is the weather forecast for the rest of the week... Looks like we'll have a white Christmas!!! [BTW, I am loving these boots that I mentioned in my November Favorites more and more with every snowstorm!]

One last photo for the road... This is what Swede does when we tell her to close her eyes so the Christmas fairy can put candy in the Advent box. Do you think there's any peeking going on???

I hope you all have a lovely next couple of days with your families and friends!


  1. I only bought a few xmas books this year...most are from the library. And we got our cards through shutterfly too! Mombrain though and I realized his week how many people I forgot to send them to. Ugh!

    1. Thank goodness for the library! We borrow most of our books too. The only one I actually own is the Night Before Christmas from my childhood!
      I barely got my Christmas cards out on time and probably forgot a bunch of people too... We do the best we can!

  2. I wanted to bake way more cookies than we did but I did a cookie exchange and realized I did not need another 70 cookies in my house ;)
    I have watched Elf and the Santa Claus movies too many times!
    Awe love your cards!!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

    1. I definitely do not need any more cookies! But they are so good. :-)
      I haven't seen the Santa Clause in ages! Maybe a good one for tomorrow night.

  3. I've had way too many cookies! Oh well, you only live once :) haha she is so cute peeking through her hands

    1. I really think she thinks we don't know she's peeking... So cute!

  4. Jealous of your white Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!



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