Friday, December 4, 2015

This week in 8 photos

Happy Friday! It doesn't exactly feel like Friday because I'm on maternity leave now. This week has been all about adjusting to life with two kids. Sometimes it's been easier than I expected. And other times it's exactly as hectic and chaotic as I feared! Here are eight photos that capture the calmer moments. I never have the presence of mind [Or, let's face it, the desire] to capture the chaos for posterity.

1. Abel is ten days old today! He is such a sweet, sleepy, snuggly baby.

2.  Swede has been a really great big sister so far.  She likes to make sure Abel has a hat and blankie at all times.

3. On Wednesday we made Christmas cookies with my mom. Yummy! We used the Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies recipe from Bake at 350. Swede had a pretty heavy hand with the sprinkles. 

4. Snugs with GB! I've been trying to take a nap every day. I think Abel is sleeping pretty well at night for a newborn, but I'm still up for 30-45 minutes every 2-3 hours.

5. I glanced over and this is how he was sleeping! Babies.

6. Playtime with Swede! My biggest challenge/worry so far is making sure the kids each get enough attention. Is Abel getting enough cuddles? Is Swede getting enough one-on-one playtime?

7.  Lunch. Every day. Ham and cheese sandwich with chipotle mayo and lettuce. Jalopeno Kettle chips.

8. I love the funny expressions that newborns make. He looks so befuddled.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? We are decorating for Christmas!


  1. Love the photos! Swede looks like such a loving sister :) I love newborn expressions too. No weekend plans really so we will see what we end up doing. Have fun decorating!

    1. Swede is doing really well but I think you'll appreciate having another few months of age gap between Avery and Baby C!

  2. Your kids are just too cute! Those sugar cookies look delicious...I need make some. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I think we'll keep 'em. :-)

  3. I love these photos. The pup is adorable. And so are the kiddos, obviously ;) Yep- I need to bake sugar cookies STAT.

  4. Awww love the photos! I forgot how big soothers look in newborn mouths lol. I also really want your lunch now, haha ;)


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