Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Race Calendar

I am so happy to be running again! I missed it so much when I was pregnant.

I started running again on January 4th when Abel was six weeks old. [See this post for details about my first week back.] My plan to take the same approach as when I started running after Swede was born. Very slow and steady. Very gradually increasing mileage and pace. No expectations. No pressure.

That said, I am hoping to run the following races in 2016. This may seem ambitious, but having a race on the horizon makes me so much more motivated to keep training. I have NO goals regarding time. I'd just like to finish each race and to have fun!

With Chesleigh after my first half marathon post-Swede in April 2014

I have a long list of "Bucket List" destination races, but this year I'm sticking close to home. The logistics of traveling are more than I can handle right now!

May 29: Narrow Gauge 10-Mile. This gives me almost 5 months to build up to 10 miles. I think that's doable. I ran a 10-mile race when Swede was three months old and a half marathon when she was five months old. I was less active during my second pregnant with Abel, so I think a little more time is a good idea.

June 11: Steamworks Half Marathon. One of my favorite local races.

August 27: Thirsty 13 Half Marathon. This is a newer local race. I did the inaugural run in 2014. It's a pretty course with some nice fast downhill stretches. What are your opinions on running downhill? I know it's not everyone's favorite and can really trash your legs, but I love it.

That's me on the far left in the 2014 Thirsty 13

September 24: Mountain Chili Cha Cha Trail Half Marathon. I've never done this one before. I haven't done a trail race since 2011 and have mixed feelings about them in general. Sometimes it seems like they take away what I love about trail running (not worrying about pace, being alone in the wilderness). I'd like to give this one a try and then decide if I'll do more or keep trail running as a just-for-fun activity.

October 8-9: Durango Double Road and Trail Half Marathons. This is a road half marathon on Saturday and a trail half marathon on Sunday. Jonathan actually WON the inaugural road half marathon in 2013! I haven't decided if I will run the road or the trail race. Or both?!?!

November 24: Turkey Trot 5-Mile. Nothing like going for a run to make you feel better about all the food you'll eat later! Side note: Thanksgiving this year is also Abel's first birthday!!!

With Chesleigh again after the 2014 Turkey Trot

This DOES seem ambitious! We'll see how it goes as the year progresses.


  1. Whoa girl you're amazing! Fantastic list of races. Sounds like the perfect motivation to get the runs in!

    1. I definitely need the motivation! Without a race on the horizon I have SUCH a hard time training.

  2. Ok, I am jealous!! All those races! I kinda want to do a trail half in the next year or so. I did one 4 years ago and liked it, it was more about the challenge than my time like a regular road race!

    1. You'll be back in no time! Especially since you are SO much better than me at staying fit & active during pregnancy. I was such a slacker with Abel.

  3. Wow, you go, girl! :) That's amazing that you ran a half marathon 5 months postpartum! We don't have turkey trots up here, but I really wanted to do one while I was in Florida last November…sadly, I couldn't get my act together to find a race close to us. Also, running in humidity is no fun! Haha. I'd love to do a trail race one day! When I did a 14K obstacle race last fall, a lot of the running parts was on trails and I realized how much I enjoy that kind of running!

    1. I lived in Orlando for two years and I agree completely about running in humidity - It's the WORST. I would love to do an obstacle race... Maybe next year. There just not enough time for all the races I want to do! I need to keep running until I'm 90.


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