Monday, February 22, 2016

Five Favorites - February 2016

Hey Friends! Tell me, tell me - What are your favorite things this month? I am in the market for recommendations on where to find the perfect classic t-shirt. Not too thin, not too clingy but not boxy either, LONG [I'm not tall but I have a "long torso"], and available in a dozen pretty colors. Any ideas??? I have been searching for the perfect t-shirt for YEARS. Someday, if I ever find it, I guarantee it will feature prominently in a "Favorites" post. Until then... Here's what I've been loving lately.

1) Abel is smiling!!! Oh, I love love love it when they start smiling. Parents - What was your favorite milestone moment? Swede learning to talk has been my favorite thing EVER, but the first smile and the first steps are pretty sweet too.

2) In January I subscribed to six different magazines! I normally only ever buy magazines at the airport for a special treat. They are so expensive to buy individually, but they are pretty cheap if you subscribe. So for a relatively small cash outlay in January I'll be getting fun magazines all year long! I'm getting Runner's WorldTrail RunnerReal SimpleParentsRachael Ray, and Cooking Light. What's your favorite magazine?

3) I bought myself some new running clothes from Brooks to celebrate my return to running since Abel was born. I bought two pairs of the Racey Shorts. [On sale!] I'm wearing the black pair in the photo below, but I also bought them in green. I like that they are a little longer than traditional running shorts. And I really love this Streaker Short Sleeve Shirt in pink. It also comes in a tank top and a long sleeve hoodie too. I'm contemplating getting another color and/or style.

4) So, I think you'll agree that mornings can be tough! Getting everyone dressed and fed and organized to leave the house can be hectic. One thing that has made the morning go better here is that I started making a huge batch of steel-cut oats in the slow cooker and freezing it in smaller portions that I can defrost overnight and quickly microwave in the morning for Swede, who eats oatmeal almost every single day.

5) I transitioned Abel from the swaddle to the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit a few weeks ago. He never loved being swaddled like Swede did, but needed something to help prevent startling himself awake. This works perfectly. He has a little more freedom of movement, and it keeps him warm. It's also easier to get him into rather trying to wrangle his flailing arms into the swaddle. Plus, he looks like a marshmallow!

OK, I admit this wasn't the most exciting list of favorites I've ever posted. Seriously... Oatmeal?! It's the little things, People... The little things.


  1. Haha! Well I love oatmeal :) I've never tried freezing mine, but I do enjoy making baked oatmeal at the beginning of the week to have on hand for breakfasts. Otherwise a lot of mornings I don't eat for a few hours, oops!

    If you find out where to get the perfect tshirt as you described, please let me know!

    Those shorts are super cute!

    1. I should try baked oatmeal too! Seriously anything that makes the morning routine easier/quicker is A+ in my book.

  2. GET THE GAPFIT VNECK. it's amazing--> (hopefully that link works). They go one sale a lot and have tons of colors. Have you looked into Texture? It's the virtual magazine app. You can get a zillion different ones and it's like $10/mo? I have it (came with new phone plan) and love it!

    1. Ooh, Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out!
      I just can't get into looking at magazines or reading books on my phone or tablet... I need the real thing!


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