Friday, April 8, 2016

Gratitude and Goals - April 2016

Today I'm linking up with Julie and Suzanna for Gratitude and Goals!

Currently I'm grateful...

   - That there's only one more week(ish) of tax season.

   - For days when Swede takes a nap (unfortunately not every day lately) and is super fun to play with after work.

My new favorite photo

   - That I've gotten a little bit of energy and (relative) speed back on the run this week.

   - For the way Abel's face lights up when I pick him up after work.

   - THIS!

Goals for April:

   - Schedule Abel's 6 month checkup and Swede's 2.5 year checkup and Gumball's annual checkup

   - Start tracking our expenses in my budget spreadsheet again

   - Increase my long run to 10 miles

   - Start going to yoga again

   - Get a massage and a pedicure :-)

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Do you do individuals taxes? I might need some help for my 2016 taxes next year! But I think I might be ok since I technically do my taxes as a Canadian PR then just declare my earnings to the IRS..

    1. Well let me know if you need help next spring!

  2. Such lovely yellow flowers :) Thanks for linking up :):)

    1. Daffodils are my favorite. :-)
      Thanks for hosting!

  3. All hail to tax season nearly ending, indeed! Beautiful yellow flowers - those couldn't arrive soon enough! I love your April goals of getting a massage and pedicure - you totally deserve them!!!

    1. Booked my spa apt for April 21... Can't come soon enough!

  4. Massage and pedicure should have been on my list of April goals too! Enjoy when you go!! And that pic of Swede is so sweet. I love her hair cut.

    1. Swede's bangs are a little crooked... Again. Thank goodness Abel's a boy and I can just chop it off. Children's haircuts are not my forte!


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