Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend [May 13-15, 2016]

Hello Friends! Here are some highlights from the weekend.

On Friday morning my mom and I took the kids to the river. Swede had a really fun time throwing mud and sticks into the water, but the big event was seeing some rafters go by - She's been talking about it ever since!

Mister Abel had some big milestones this weekend. First - He learned how to roll over from his back to his stomach (and therefore graduated from the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit).

Second - He tried solid food for the first time! We started with applesauce, and it was pretty successful.

We are also working, less successfully, at sleeping through the night. I'll be happy when he figures it out, but I will miss it when he falls asleep in my arms. Knowing he's my last baby makes all the milestones more bittersweet!

On Saturday morning I ran eight miles, including two major hills, which were good practice for the major hills in the 10-mile race I'm doing Memorial Weekend.

In the afternoon I took Swede on a "hike" (approximately a half mile round trip and she asked to be carried most of the way, but it was right after nap and you've got to start somewhere!) and a picnic.

On Sunday morning, we went to church, and then baked Chocolate Stuffed Oatmeal Bars which are super delicious! Swede agrees, despite her solemn expression, although this isn't the best recipe to make with toddlers since it involves melting butter and sugar together on the stovetop.

[PS: When is a toddler no longer a toddler? Somewhere between 3 and 4 years old? Then what do you call them? A preschooler? A little kid?]

In the afternoon, Jonathan took the kids to visit his parents and I took Gumball on a long walk on the neighborhood trails.

I've been reading For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards, by Jen Hatmaker, and I love this quote about parenting:

Can I tell you my goal for my kids? That their childhood is mostly good. People, I declare "mostly good" a raging success. If I am mostly patient and they are mostly obedient, great. If we are mostly nurturing and they turn out mostly well-adjusted, super... "Mostly good" is later remembered as "loved and safe..." Mostly good is good enough. Mostly good produces healthy kids who know they are valued and either forget the other parts or turn them into funny stories.

This weekend was mostly good. There were, of course, the usual toddler meltdowns and sleep deprivation and various difficult moments, but there was definitely more good than bad. I'm calling that a win. I hope you had a mostly good weekend too.


  1. Love her face with helping make the bars! And yup- mostly good is my kinda child rearing! So long as they're loved and safe :)

    1. It's very "Who, Me? What chocolate?" :-)

  2. Wow, Abel had some huge milestones this weekend! Congratulations! Swede's expression with the chocolate smeared all over her face is priceless. She's so cute with her little apron! That is a fantastic quote about parenting and I completely agree with the "mostly good" sentiment.

    1. Definitely a big weekend for Abel! AND (cue fireworks here!) he slept all night long finally last night! Life is better when you can sleep 7+ hours in a row.
      I think "mostly good" is my new life motto.

  3. Haha that picture of Swede with chocolate on her face is so precious. I just love her little hair cut too. Bangs on toddlers are so sweet. And I have no idea what you call your toddler when they are no longer a "toddler". Thanks for sharing that quote - I really like it.

    1. I guess she'll just be a "little kid" then. I'm afraid we are dangerously close to little kid territory already! They are growing up too fast, I can't take it!
      Her bangs grow so fast, I am always having to trim them! And getting slightly better at keeping them even.


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