Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coffee Date #4

Dear Friends, It's been too long! I think it's time for some coffee date chit-chat. The first thing I'd do once we sat down with our SVLs however is show you my new favorite photo of Abel.

I can't stand the cuteness!

Lately I've been thinking that it's time for me to get serious about eating better and working out more. The combination of Abel turning six months old and the transition to summertime clothes instead of leggings and big cozy sweaters has made me realize that these last few pounds of pregnancy weight aren't going anywhere unless I make an effort.

Step 1) To be more conscious of what I'm eating. I've been keeping track the last couple days and I can already tell it's making a difference that I'm choosing to have a distinct meal or snack rather than mindlessly nibbling on this and that all day long.

Step 2) I've been thinking about doing 21 Day Fix this summer. I can't decide if I should do one of these challenge groups or just do it on my own. I've been putting it off until I could find exactly three weeks that I wasn't travelling or doing a race, but maybe I should just get started now doing a couple similar workouts from You Tube on my non-running days.

Another one because I can't help it!

So I think I've mentioned a couple times that I have to get a root canal. I had a consultation appointment yesterday with my new root canal specialist dentist and let me tell you... This process is worse than I could have possibly imagined! There are going to be multiple (at least two, most likely more) appointments to get significant work done. The fact that I need a root canal at age 34 is really embarrassing. I was the youngest person in the waiting room by at least twenty years. I feel like everyone must think I eat candy 24/7 and never brush my teeth.

In spite of the anxiety I feel every time I think about the whole root canal situation, I've been noticing moments lately where I feel really happy. Just for like five minutes or so, now and then, I'll be struck with overwhelming feelings of joy and gratitude. So that's nice. I've realized there is a direct correlation between the frequency of these moments and how much time I'm spending in prayer. It really helps me be more generous and patient, and to avoid letting the various frustrations of daily life spiral into bitterness and resentment, which unfortunately is far too easy for me to do!

Peppa Time with Swede & Spitty!

On a lighter, funnier note, Swede's favorite TV show (the only one she watches actually) is Peppa Pig. It's British, and Swede has picked up a couple funny expressions that I can't bear to change because it's so cute! When anyone goes out of town she says they are "on holiday." And as we prepared to go to the pool last week for the first time this summer she told me she was going to wear her new "swimming costume." It makes me laugh every time!

Swede likes a front row seat.

That's all for now! I hope you have a great weekend. I'm running the Steamworks Half Marathon on Saturday... Feeling pretty nervous about the last three miles! On Sunday we might go to a local "Summer Fest" family event if nap time allows.


  1. Love that photo of Abel, his eyes!!!
    I hate root canals, and do not want to scare you with my stories but long story short I had two done at 12 both which resulted in me loosing those teeth and getting implants 18 years later...
    Have a great run, you will do great and just have fun :)

    1. Ahh, I AM scared! That sounds terrible. My teeth have always given me trouble - I really hope the kids got Jonathan's teeth instead of mine! No cavities and no braces for him... Fingers crossed!

  2. I'll do the fix with you!!!! (Do you have it?) I would love to have a buddy to do it with ;)

    1. Really??? But you are so hard core! ;-)
      I don't have it yet but I saw on your IG it's on sale this month - I'll email you.

  3. Keeping a food log makes a HUGE difference in maintaining healthy eating habits! Even if nobody else sees the food journal other than you, it's still such a great way to stay accountable.

    That is wonderful to hear you've been experiencing increased moments of joy and gratitude! Prayer can truly move mountains. Are you familiar with the "laws of attraction", basically the concept that the more gratitude you have, the more the universe gives back to you? I am a strong believer in gratitude. =)

    The pictures of Abel and Swede are too adorable for words, and I LOVE how Swede is picking up British phrases!

    Good luck at Steamworks this weekend, you are going to rock it out! I wish you a fantastic race!

    1. It's incredible how much difference it makes to keep the food journal. So many times just in one week that I didn't grab a random handful of Cheez-Its or finish Swede's English muffin because I didn't want to write it down!
      I love the idea of the law of attraction! The more gratitude, the more kindness, the more peace I give to the world, the more (hopefully) comes back. :-)

  4. You have seriously made the cutest baby boy on planet earth. He is DARLING. I want to eat him.

    Wow the root canal thing sucks. I hate dental work and secretly cry when I find out something is wrong with my teeth. I had terrible teeth as a kid and braces for 4 1/2 years, so after that I took great care of my teeth. But genetics are stuck with you unfortunately. I totally believe you don't eat candy all day and forget to brush, because even the best care can't prevent what genetics are bound to do. My parents have had several root canals before. I'm sure I'm next X.X

    The joy thing is really encouraging though. You know I struggle with anxiety too but when you catch those moments that you're just "free." Ahhh, that's the best.

    1. Sometimes I'm like, "He's really this cute, Right? It's not just because he's MY kid?"
      My dentist told me at least three times that I should blame my parents for my bad teeth. It's so awful though! After my last two appointments I've sat in the car and cried for 5 minutes before driving home. :-(
      So those aren't great moments, but it is SO nice to have these little perfect moments now and then. Or when I'm able to just be completely present with the kids. I'm like, THIS is what it's all about!

  5. Definitely do 21 Day Fix! It's so great. And don't worry too much about having the perfect 3 week window to do it in - as much as you can get done will still make you stronger! I'll be hosting a July challenge group if you're interested! :)

    1. Oh, I might be - I will email you!


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