Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gratitude and Goals - July 2016

I don't want to say it but I can't help it... How is it July already?!?!

Some things I'm grateful for lately:

   - For the mad genius who came up with Speculoos Cookie Butter. Holy moly. This is good stuff.

   - That there isn't a Trader Joe's in Durango so I can't run out and buy a new jar when this one (gifted by J's parents) is gone.

   - My new haircut! I almost always type haircute. But hey, Maybe that should be a thing?! A cute new haircut = a haircute! Is anyone with me?

   - We went out to dinner as a family at Tacos Nayarit for J's birthday on Wednesday and no one had a meltdown!

   - Abel laughing... One of the sweetest sounds in the whole world to me right now.

A quick review of my goals for June:

   - To continue potty training Swede... Success! She has made great progress this month!

   - To do yoga for 15 min every day... Fail. I was on track until my trip to Denver mid-June and didn't get back into it until this week. Why is it so hard to make this a habit?!

   - To run 3x per week... Success! I ran 67.5 miles total in June.

   - No buying clothes for myself... Success! OK, I did buy a navy blue Cashmere Crop Cardigan from Boden at 40% off plus $30 in gift cards that were expiring but it would have been madness to not take advantage of that deal.

On to my goals for July:

   - I am starting 21 Day Fix on Sunday... Wish me luck!

   - Buy a twin mattress for Swede and transition her from the crib... A little nervous about this one too!

   - Less phone time. The eternal struggle! I'd like to put my phone completely away between work and bedtime, and for an entire day on the weekend.

   - I get busier at work in August and go back to working Fridays so I really want to embrace and take advantage of summertime this month! I'd like to spend more time outdoors with the kids at the pool and the river and the playground, hiking and biking and picnicking.

That's all... Happy Weekend!


  1. Speculoos Cookie Butter sounds AMAZING. Mmmm Thanks for sharing - I'll have to keep my eyes open for that.

    1. Be careful! It's almost too good. You probably have better self control than me though! ;-)

  2. Good luck with the 21 day fix and the rest of your goals with the kiddos!
    I admit I NEED to buy new clothes but I hate shopping so I keep telling myself that what I already have will work for now!

    1. Oh I wish that was the case for me! I keep telling myself the same, that what I have will work for now, but that's to prevent myself from buying more not the opposite. I am not really into fashion at all but I do love (online) shopping.

  3. Good luck with 21day fix! Let me know how it goes!!

    1. Two days in! It's tough but I can tell will be really good for me.

  4. Good luck with the 21 day fix! Are you doing the entire program? Like the diet and shakeology, or just the workouts? I can't believe it's been almost a year since I did the full program! Yikes.

    1. I'm just doing the workouts and shakeology. I'm on day 4 are SO SORE. I know the food container diet is supposed to be really simple but it's just too much work for me! I'm just trying to be more conscious about what I'm eating and making healthier choices.

    2. Haha, I remember feeling sore for the whole 3 weeks!! The container system definitely took a lot of planning and commitment. I found eating really simple foods, at least for the first week, to be key. It really showed me how much I was over eating, especially my carbs haha. I should do it again for a wake up call.... ;)


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