Monday, June 6, 2016

Gratitude and Goals - June 2016

This week I'm grateful...

   - For summertime weather! Isn't it hard to believe that by October we'll be ready for cooler temps and falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes? The sunshine feel so good!

Swede's summertime look is on point

   - That the kids and I have all mostly recovered from the low-grade cold that made everyone so grumpy and disagreeable last week.

   - That Abel is sleeping all night long. Since we moved him to his own room he has been sleeping from 6 p.m. to 5-5:30 a.m. [Not every night but this seems to be the new normal - Knock on wood!] It's still a pretty early wake-up but it's better than getting up in the middle of the night. My bedtime is 9-9:30 p.m. so I'm getting at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep which feels pretty good! We are an early-to-bed-early-to-rise family. 

My goals for June are:

   - To continue potty training with Swede... This has been a slow process. We're not able to do the don't-leave-the-house-for-three-days boot camp and so are working on it little by little.

   - To do yoga for 15 minutes every day. So far so good! I wish I could go to more studio classes but they don't fit into my schedule. Doing a little bit every day makes more sense for me right now and the benefits do add up over time!

   - To keep running 3x per week. I switched my weekday runs to be in the evening and it's a little harder motivationally to make it happen.

Always a happier face when I'm running in the morning

   - NO SHOPPING! Specifically - No buying clothes for myself. Abel does need some new clothes because he is growing too fast! But I went on a major summer shopping spree in May that should last me all summer, as long as I can resist the temptation to get the dozenth "one last thing" I can't live without.

This month I'm also looking forward to:
   1) Connecting with friends in Denver and Breckenridge
   2) Running the Steamworks Half Marathon this weekend
   3) Spending more time at the pool!

What's on the agenda for YOU this month???


  1. I loooove summer but even hearing you say those things about fall makes me dream of it already lol.
    I need to stop shopping for this month, good goal! I have bought too much lately...oops.
    I stay up until 10pm to pump and want to move that up since I'm not a night person lol. Though can't complain I get good sleep still!
    My goal for June is to run 100km and maybe now no shopping too :)

    1. I do give myself a pass to buy clothes for the kids if not for myself... Sometimes that's more fun anyway!
      I'm always translating the km into miles when I read your posts - I'm like a 10K is 6.2 mi so... 62 miles! Nice. I'm going for 75 mi.

  2. Great goals!!!! I hope you are all feeling better and the colds are gone!! I am soaking up every minute of the warmer weather, too , because I know that by time fall gets here I'll be ready to break out my boots and scarves lol.

    I am wanting to start yoga soon! I have never tried it, but it looks really relaxing. Enjoy your pool time!!!!

    1. You should definitely try yoga! One great thing is that there are so many different styles depending on if your looking for energy vs relaxation etc.

  3. I love the goal of doing yoga for 15 minutes every day. Truly it will add up quickly over time! I am glad everyone has mostly recovered from the low-grade colds - feeling under the weather is the worst. Hurray for Abel sleeping all night long, that must be heavenly! I also need to stop shopping, which is a challenge. Running in the evenings is much tougher motivationally than in the mornings, for sure. I find the longer I wait to work out, the more I tend to get distracted or find other excuses, yes? Can't wait for your Steamworks Half this weekend!

    1. It's only been a week but I'm already noticing a difference with the daily yoga. I think 15 min per day might actually be more beneficial for me than 60-90 min once a week.
      I definitely come up with more excuses to not run by the time 6:30 p.m. rolls around...Sometimes I have to be very stern with myself to just get out and do it!

  4. Your son's schedule sounds awesome. I wake up at the same time as he does but go to bed at 9 or 10. He gets way more sleep than I do haha. Love the running pic, looks like a beautiful place to run!

    1. Both my kids get way more sleep than me! I guess they need it but I could use a little bit more too.
      I feel very lucky to live near the mountains in Colorado for great trail running all summer!


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