Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Weekend 2016

Another super long weekend recap coming at you... Let's just get started!


I've been trying to get outside with the kids more, so Swede and I went on a nature walk in the morning while Abel napped.

Then my mom & I took the kids to the pool. Abel loves splashing like crazy. It's so interesting to me how different he is from Swede at the same age. In almost every way that I can think of! She did not (and still does not) like getting water on her face, but it doesn't seem to faze Abel at all.

I can't remember what we did in the afternoon & evening. The usual nap time and mooch-around I assume. The only photo I have is this one:


Bleh. Not the best day. I'd like to just acknowledge what seems to be an elephant in the room of "everyday life" bloggers such as myself. We all fight with our husbands - Right? (Or boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, friends, etc). Obviously some things are and should be private but sometimes it feels a little disingenuous to chatter on blithely about this and that when there is some internal strife going on. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Moving on. I was planning to do an 8 mile trail run but wasn't feeling it so hiked 5 miles instead. Saw this neat rock cairn along the way! Probably would not have noticed this if I'd been running.

The afternoon was the typical nap time shuffle. I do love a little downtime when both kids are napping at once, but I also enjoy one-on-one time when they alternate. And I love peeking in on both of them while they are sleeping! Swede loves to snuggle up with all the blankies and to wear her hooded chicken towel (aka Cluck Cluck) on her head.


7 am: Vanilla latte. Listening to Richard Hawley. Internal strife has been resolved. Abel is squirming around on the floor trying to figure out this whole crawling business. Swede has lined up all her stuffed animal friends on the couch and is reading them stories. Someday later on when I look back on the Baby Years... These are the moments I'd like to remember.

Later we tidied up and headed to church. The kids aren't smiling in this photo but they are both looking at the camera and holding still so I'm calling that a win.

In the afternoon I went with my mom to get a pedicure. Unfortunately we both feel that we choose the wrong color polish!


We started the day with eggs Benedict at home then headed to the river with the kids. An exciting moment for Swede was seeing the train go by. She also enjoyed making mud cakes and throwing rocks in the water.

Unfortunately Swede was in a pretty bad mood all morning other than for a brief time at the river. I don't know why but every single thing was a huge drama. We decided to try to watching our first ever movie together (Robin Hood) but after 20 minutes she requested to watch Peppa Pig instead.

She took a really long afternoon nap though and thankfully woke up feeling better. Abel and I did a photoshoot while we waited for her to wake up.

We went over to Jonathan's parents house for dinner. This potato salad was really good!

And that's all! What was the highlight/lowlight of your weekend? What's your favorite Sunday-morning-at-home music?


  1. That's a great photo of you three! And that photo of Abel, love it!
    I agree I don't mind it when the girls don't nap together here and there because of the same reason. Happy 4th of July!

    1. "here and there" is the key phrase! I need some one-on-one with each kiddo but I also need some time to myself when they are both sleeping!

  2. Awww that's so sweet that Swede loves to wear her hooded towel to bed. What a cute photo of her sleeping. And Abel striking a pose! So cure and too funny!

  3. Wow, those rocks! I wonder how long they will stay that way.

    The pics of your little ones are just too precious!

  4. Adorable pictures of Abel and Swede, as always! The rock cairn is breathtaking! Incidentally - I have the same penguin at home as you do in the background of Friday's pic of Abel. =) Yes, Adam and I have had our share of disagreements. I think it happens to all of us - and it's normal and healthy. Any time people tell me they and their spouse never fight, I think they are lying. In any event - I am really glad you were able to work through the strife. What color nail polishes did you and your mom get that you both didn't like?

    1. You & Swede are penguin buddies! Ours is named Pengy. (She's not very creative yet in naming her stuffed animals).
      Seriously who doesn't ever fight with their spouse!? Ours are usually about some minor issues that suddenly and absurdly becomes a major issue. I suppose that's better than it being a major issue to being with!
      My nail polish is too pale (lavender grey) and my mom's is too bright (coral). Sigh... Can't win 'em all!


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