Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Momfessions [Part 1]

Helloooooo! I am at home with the kids this week while my parents are on vacation and it's gotten me  thinking about how the SAHM lifestyle is not for me, so I thought I'd borrow Melissa's idea and share some other parenting-related confessions. [Plus some recent cute photos of the kids!]

Can't say the kid doesn't know how to strike a pose

1) I can't stand Dr. Suess. We bought a boxed set of five Dr. Suess classics (Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, etc) for Swede's first birthday. It had been years since I'd read any of them though and it turns out I am not a fan. At all. The tounge-twisters. The repetition. The made-up words. I don't even like the drawings. Luckily Swede doesn't like them either!

Swede and her "very own baby Mabel"

2) Abel is at the height of his squishy adorable baby chubkin stage which I absolutely love. But... Sometimes he's a little boring! His tricks are: smiling, giggling, babbling, crawling around, and chewing on everything. All of which I love. OK - Maybe not the chewing on everything. But I do also love being able to play a game, read a story, and have a conversation with Swede. I'm so curious to know what Abel will be like once he becomes a little person capable of verbal communication.

Me... Boring?!?! Sorry, Buster, I take it back.

3) Fact: I have thrown away three blow-out onesies rather than clean them. In my defense, these were serious blow-outs. And all of them Abel had almost grown out of or were hand-me-downs from Swede that had seen plenty of use.

"Babies don't have any teeth!"

4) I think Parents magazine is depressing. I got a free subscription somehow, but every time when I look through a new issue I'm struck by everything that I'm doing wrong as a parent. Here's five new things that I didn't know I should be worrying about. Here's a cute craft project or healthy recipe I'm not going to try. You get the idea.

Favorite food: Banana

5) Phantom crying is so real. Everything sounds like a baby crying! Is this going to last forever? Will there ever be a day in my future in which I hear the wind in the trees or a random refrigerator hum and don't jump up and sharply say, "Was that the baby?"?

Not sure what she's so perturbed about here...

6) Abel's current nighttime schedule is that he wakes up between 4-5 in the morning for a bottle then goes back to sleep for another two hours until 6-7 am. I think I could work to get him through till 6-7 am without a snack but it's easier to just feed him and go back to sleep. Also, I really love the way Gumball snuggles up to me when I get back in bed.

And we are GO for crawling!

7) One of the hardest things to relinquish control over is letting Swede pick out her own clothes. It has been so much fun buying clothes for the kids! Currently I still buy her clothes (with a little input, but it's mostly online so she loses interest quickly) but she picks out what to wear in the morning and I can't help cringing at some of the combinations. It's also frustrating when I buy something that I love and she refuses to wear it.

That's all for now! What are your plans for the weekend? We are doing family photos of Saturday... Fingers crossed for happy kids and nice weather!


  1. Omg the phantom crying! I must've got out of bed every night while on vacation to check on Wes multiple times because I swear I'd hear him (and I didn't have a monitor at my parents house)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! It's even worse in the summer because our neighbors have a 6 mo old so with everyone's windows open I'll hear her at night sometimes too.

  2. Haha yes to the phantom crying! It happens often at home, but I remember when my BFF and I were in NYC last year (she has 3 kids), every morning we'd wake up and be like, "did you hear kids crying in the middle of the night?!" LOL.

    I'm so glad Sully has shown no preference in what he wears (yet). The only thing he has an opinion on is which footwear, and that I can live with since he doesn't have a ton of options to begin with.

    I actually don't mind Dr Seuss - I enjoy the rhyming for some reason. Sully loves a lot of those books and laughs at them which I find adorable so I guess that makes it bearable ;)

    1. I wonder if the phantom crying will go away once the kids are older.
      At least I can still dress Abel up (for now)!
      I remember that I really liked Horton Hears a Who when I was a kids so maybe I'll give that one a try.

  3. I have a subscription to Parents magazine and thought it would be cool. Now I have about 5 and haven't read any of them. It's mostly ads and things I'm not going to use. I don't have time for that!

    1. Yes! Seriously. So glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. The best part I think is in the back how they have one page per age group on how to deal with various issues. I might save those to reference as the kids get older.


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