Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Great Summer To-Do List... Updated!

I've realized that I'm very good at making goals (and sharing them on the blog) but I don't always follow up on my success (or lack thereof) so I thought it would be a good idea as we move into fall to review The Great Summer To-Do List that I made in April.

 1) Reorganize the house. Abel's bedroom was Jonathan's office and the TV/music room. We were planning to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but he was born the Tuesday before, so we didn't get a chance!
Result: SUCCESS! We did this in late May and it's been much nicer to have Abel in his own room. This is what the living room looks like in the new configuration:

 2) Transition Swede to a "big girl" bed.
Result: SUCCESS! We did this in early August. We had some trouble the first week that she would come out of the room frequently but since then she's been really good at playing/reading quietly before naptime and bedtime and then going to sleep when she's ready. PS: She has these adorable cupcake sheets from Garnet Hill:

 3) Potty training!
Result: SUCCESS! Swede is still in a diaper at bedtime and there is an occasional accident but we are pretty much there!

 4) Sleep training!
Result: SEMI-SUCCESS. This is still a work in progress. Abel sleeps through the night sometimes but is still up around 4 am sometimes. If he wakes up before 3 a.m. I'll let him fuss back to sleep but after 4 a.m. I'll often feed him. He is asleep by 6 p.m. so I feel like he must be so hungry by then.

Just had to re-share this photo because he's so cute.

 5) Upgrade the blog!
Result: SEMI-SUCCESS. I'm still on a free platform. (I didn't realize how expensive your own domain was!) But I did update my template and added the Header pages and some sidebar items.

 6) Get family photos taken.
Result: SEMI-SUCCESS. We did take family photos, but we had a difficult morning and the kids were grumpy and over-tired so I'm not very happy with the photos we did get. Fortunately our photographer was not very happy with them either and has offered to do a free makeup session this fall.

 7) Clean up the yard... Planting flowers, etc.
Result: SUCCESS. I didn't actually plant any new flowers but the perennials we planted last year came back so nicely. We did add some new mulch here and there, and sweeping off the deck/patio, picking up the million pine cones, and deadheading the flowers every few weeks kept things looking good.

 8) Buy patio furniture.
Result: FAIL. I didn't find any patio furniture that I loved. We do have a couple (not so comfy) chairs that I'd sit in with a cucumber-vodka soda after a run, but I'm pretty sure this item will show up on next summer's to-do list.

 9) Try 21 Day Fix, or something similar.
Result: SUCCESS. I've talked about this before, but I did get 21 Day Fix and have done the strength and yoga workouts consistently for the past two months. I really enjoyed it and think it has made me a stronger runner too.

Sure couldn't do 2x60second plank two months ago.

 10) Random home repairs...
Result: FAIL. I didn't do any of this, and it's now on the "Stuff We Need To Do Before Trying to Sell Our House" list for the fall.

Overall... Wow! I did pretty well. It's actually nice to look back on this list at everything I was stressed about four months ago and see how much has gotten done. I have a whole new list for the fall but that's news for another day!


  1. The cupcake sheets are so adorable! :)

    1. I almost bought them for my bed but the husband wouldn't allow it. ;-)

  2. Awwww cupcake sheets, so cute! Congrats on all your progress. That's probably a huge difference with the big girl bed and potty training. The photos look really cute, but I'm glad she/he's offering to retake them for you if you're not happy.

    1. That is the only decent photo of everything together but even in that one Swede's making a funny face and Abel isn't looking at the camera. Plus we didn't get any of the kids together. And Abel the world's happiest baby would not smile once! I think we are going to do a "mini-session" - 40 min instead of 2 hrs, That's all the kids can handle anyway I think.

  3. You accomplished a lot! That's really awesome that your photographer offered to do another session for you. Are you planning on staying with the blogger platform? Where are you looking at purchasing your own domain? I'm still on blogger, but buy my domain through go-daddy and I find them very reasonable...and there are always deals/discount codes out there for them. I think most people pay around $20US a year. Just a thought :)

    1. Ha, I guess I should look into it more, I did once this summer and thought it was like $200! I don't know where I got that from so must have been looking at something wrong. Thanks for the tip. :-)
      I do want to redo the fam photos but it's such an ordeal I'm not really looking forward to it. It will be worth it to have just one nice photo of everyone together - That's all I want! Are you going to do a newborn/family shoot?

    2. I think if you switch to wordpress and not the free one (so the dot org one?) it can be pretty pricey to host it...

      I totally know what you mean - so much work (mentally and physically) to get ready for photos! Even when we just did that mini shoot for our pregnancy announcement, I kind of dreaded it lol. I definitely want to do a newborn/family shoot though! And possible a pregnancy shoot....but we shall see!

    3. Your pregnancy announcement and reveal photos are both super cute. It's one of those things that isn't super fun in the moment but it's great to have the photos in the end.

    4. ~$200 would be domain name + hosting. You can still use blogger's free hosting with a domain name for a cheaper price.

  4. I'm big on goal recaps! I think it's part of my running-numbers-nerd personality.

    You did so much work! Great job.

    1. I usually post the goals but forget to follow through on the recap. I need to more often because it keeps me accountable!


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