Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Week Ahead [Sept 25, 2016]

Hey Friends! Did you have a nice weekend? We appear to have a pretty standard blueprint for the weekends lately with slight variations. Here's how it went this time:

Saturday: Mooch around at home with the kids. Run 8 miles. Visit with Jonathan's parents.
Sunday: Mooch around at home with the kids. Church. Visit with my parents.

I also went on a short hike on the neighborhood trails with Abel and Gumball. And there were chocolate chip cookies. And pizza. And hugs. Swede has been super affectionate lately.

A couple photos:

Abel is ten months old! He is so close to walking. His first tooth just came in this week too. And he has slightly more hair than this photo would lead you to believe.

I taught Swede how to use the self-timer on my camera and she loves taking photos together. I'm sure it will be a short-lived phase but I'm not complaining.

Did I overdo the pepperoni?

The scrub oaks in my neighborhood aren't as spectacular as the aspens but it's still pretty.

Moving on! What's happening this week:


Mon: Slow-Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup from Seriously Delish
Tue: The Best Easy Beef and Broccoli from
Wed: Ultimate Southwest Scrambled Eggs from Budget Bytes
Fri: Out! (See below)


I gave up on 22-Minute Hard Corps and went back to 21 Day Fix. I think I'll have to upgrade to 21 Day Fix Extreme one of these days. I really enjoy the 21DF workouts but they are starting to get a little repetitive. Every week I try to do two 3-4 mile runs, one 8-mile run, and three 21DF workouts, either Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Dirty 30, or Total Body Cardio. I've given up thinking that I'll work out and/or be productive on Friday nights and have designated it to be Movie Night henceforth.


   - I need to schedule a haircut appointment and hopefully can get in this week. Something I forgot about having short hair is how imperative it is to have regular haircuts to avoid the mullet situation.

   - On Friday there is a Parent Appreciation Night appetizers & drinks event for Swede's preschool. One of my current goals is to finally start making an effort to get connected in Durango and make some local friends, so this might be a good start.

One more photo for the road, because I can't help myself:

That's all! What's on your agenda this week?


  1. O he's just too cute!
    I thought I would have a low key weekend (and was looking forward to staying home). Turns out we had a 90th birthday party for my grandma in law. We had to drive 2 hours to get there but how do you say No to a 90th birthday? Hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. You can't say no to a 90th birthday! Words to live by. :-)

  2. Your pictures of Swede and Abel are so adorable, as always!!! There is no such thing as overdoing pepperoni (or any toppings, really) on pizza. LOL at the mullet reference, some friends and I were just reminiscing over the weekend about classic 80s mullets. I hope the Parent Appreciation Night goes well!!! How cool that they organize events like that!!!

    1. I can't even stand the word mullet. Ugh. Managed to get an apt for next Tues. :-)
      I am looking forward to the Parents night. It's also a fundraiser - They are going to sell us some cute art projects the kids made which of course I won't be able to resist.

  3. Abel is too cute, and Swede is adorable. That is a lot of pepperoni, lol, but you do your pizza thing how you want it. Your area of the US is so pretty right now. I bet fall is gorgeous, there. Probably a great time for running and hiking.

    1. I know pepperoni isn't your thing. :-)
      It is so pretty here for hiking! The aspens are incredible.
      PS: Have you had your baby yet???

  4. Haha definitely not too much pepporoni! :) is that even a question?! Our weekends often follow the same kind of routine. Lots of puttering haha.


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