Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Colors Weekend 2016

Hey Friends! We had a busy and (mostly) fun weekend. We celebrated the first day in October by making baked pumpkin spice doughnuts with maple glaze. [I used this mix from King Arthur Flour.]

And Abel tried out his Halloween outfit.

I also ran six miles on Saturday morning, and then in the afternoon Jonathan and I went to a fundraiser for Swede's preschool. It was fun to finally meet and chat with the parents of Swede's school friends. There was also a silent auction and I picked up a series of learn-to-quilt classes at a local sewing shop. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt so this seems like a good opportunity.

On Sunday we took our annual drive to Silverton to see the fall colors. It was gorgeous!

We went to a coffeeshop in Silverton for chai tea lattes and breakfast burritos and the kids were miraculously well-behaved. Abel did have some trouble settling down in the afternoon once we were home. I can't really blame him though; Babies like routine and this was a different day for him.

In the afternoon I made pretzel rolls. It's quite a project, but they are so delicious. We had some for dinner as barbecue pulled pork sliders. Homemade pretzels will always remind me of Swede because I made a batch while I was in (early) labor with her.

I also went on a nice little hike around the neighborhood with my mom and Abel and the dogs.

And... That was the weekend! Here's what happening this coming week:


Mon: Cider Cheese Soup from How Sweet It Is (with more pretzel rolls)

Tue: Chicken Tikka Masala. My super easy version is: Add chicken + a jar of prepared Tikki Masala sauce to the slow-cooker. Shred the chicken & add frozen peas in the last hour. Serve over rice.

Wed: Spanish Chickpea Stir-Fry from Real Simple
Thu: Nachos!
Fri: I'll be in Denver for work.


I'm planning to do a couple short runs and/or 21 Day Fix workouts then am taking Thursday-Saturday off before I run the Durango Double Half Marathon on Sunday. [The "Double" is a trail half marathon on Saturday and a road half marathon on Sunday - I'm only doing the road race.]


Mon: Board meeting for a new charter school opening in Durango next year.
Tue: The last appointment to finish up my root canal. Finally!
Wed: Haircut
Thu: Flying up to Denver for work on Thursday night and back again on Friday night.

That's all! Did you have a nice weekend? Are you doing anything fun this week?


  1. Mmmm donuts. And the fall foliage! On of my favorite parts of the cooler weather. I have been totally sucking in the meal planning department lately.. it's so hard when I now have so many shifts that start at 5pm!

    1. It would be so hard for me start work at 5 pm! I'm definitely a morning person and ready to be done with work by 5 pm. (Or preferably sooner!)
      I wish the fall colors lasted longer. Will they still be up in NY when you visit? This weekend was really pretty here but I can tell it's past peak and on the decent into gloomy winter.

  2. The picture of Abel in his Halloween outfit is just so cute! Oh man, the colours of the leaves are gorgeous! Can you send some pretzel rolls this way? :)

  3. Those fall photos are beautiful! Love Abel's little Halloween outfit. Those donuts look awesome and pretzel rolls sound delicious!

  4. Pumpkin spice doughnuts with maple glaze... yummmmmm.... Abel's Halloween costume is simply adorable. How exciting that you'll be learning how to quilt! The fall colors are stunning and everyone looks wonderful in the pictures! How awesome that the kids were so well-behaved in Silverton, and yay for pretzel rolls and hiking with Mom and the dogs! The chicken tikka masala recipe sounds like a huge winner in my book, I will have to try that soon. Good luck on the Durango half marathon. Love the idea of a trail half on one day and a road half on the next - and I would do the same thing as you and only run the road half! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  5. I've had a few busy weekends lately so I'm hoping for some down time sometime soon!

    Your donuts sound yummy!

    Safe travels to Denver. My husband is there this week on business too!

  6. That halloween outfit is too cute! And I am at the point where I think I NEED pumpkin doughnut. Like now. lol

  7. ooh yum! That tikka masala sounds good! :) and so easy! :) What a fun fall weekend, the trees are just barely starting to change and the weather is cooling off here. Finally! :) Pretzel anything is kind of my weakness! I haven't ventured a try at making them at home yet... hmm that would be a fun fall project though! :) XO - Alexandra

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