Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Weekend

Hey Friends! Did you have a nice weekend? On Saturday we had the long-awaited Peanuts Great Pumpkin Patch Express train ride. It's a 30-minute ride on an old-fashioned narrow-gauge train to/from the pumpkin patch area, which also includes a mini corn maze, hay rides, face painting, trick-or-treating, a bouncy castle, and guest appearances by Charlie Brown and Snoopy. There were a few difficult moments (aka meltdowns by both kids) but overall it was pretty fun.

The rest of the weekend included: naps, a trip to the library, church, and on Sunday afternoon our babysitter came over while Jonathan and I went out to Brew Pub & Kitchen for many appetizers.

Here's what's happening this coming week:


Mon: Italian Sausage & White Bean Cassoulet by Three Many Cooks [This is so good and so easy!]
Tue: Meatball sandwiches
Wed: Buffalo Chicken Chili by Slow-Cooker Gourmet
Thu: Leftovers
Fri: Pizza!


This entire month has been a disaster. I've gone running exactly four times so far in October and that is all. I will (absolutely, no excuses!) get back on track this week.


My only plan for this week is to get organized in all aspects of life. At work - To get my year-end projects organized. At home - To continue unpacking and organizing the new house. Swede's preschool is having a Fall Festival party on Friday, so that might be fun.

Do you have anything fun planned this week?


  1. Aw Swede is so cute in her cat ears (as are you!) ;) The train ride sounds fun! Sully would have loved that. Hope you're getting settled into your new house! I saw the picture of your new family room - looks awesome! Hope you show as some more :)

    1. I think the train ride was the most fun part for Swede. They also do a Polar Express train at Christmas which we'll do, maybe this year but definitely next year.
      The rest of the house is still in various stages of disarray, but it's coming together. I do hope to share more as we get organized.

  2. Ooh, saving that sausage recipe. Looks simple and yummy!

    1. I think it's my favorite meal right now. Amazing how the simple ingredients come together into something SO delicious.

  3. As always, your pictures are too adorable. My favorite is the one of Swede holding the pumpkin in her arms. =) I wish you a good week of unpacking, getting organized, and working out! Cheers to the fall festival party on Friday, too - I bet it'll be a great time!

    1. Haha, No is is going to take that pumpkin away from her, That's for sure!
      I organized my closet and have worked out three days in a row - Both things have made me feel much better!

  4. Oh my goodness, what cute photos. I love that she's all dressed up like a cat with her pumpkin! :) Love it. Glad it was a mostly good trip despite a few meltdowns! :) Looking into this cassoulet recipe!! Yum. This week has been light plans with friends and lots of reading so far. I am prepping our costumes for our game night/halloween party on Sunday, and also working on stuff for my sister's baby shower in November. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I said it already but I loved your Halloween costumes and party snacks!


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