Thursday, November 10, 2016

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives

Two things I've been thinking about lately: 1) The above quote by Annie Dillard, and 2) Sarah's recent photo on her planning Insta with a list of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly habits and activities. Here's my list of things I do (or want to do) on a regular basis. [This obviously doesn't include essential tasks like eating, sleeping, basic hygiene, and work.]

From Rain City Prints on Etsy

Inspiration - Photo by Sarah Unger

- Exercise: I run 3x/week and do a 21 Day Fix workout 3x/week
- Walk Gumball: Usually this is with Abel in the hiking backpack so a little bonus exercise
- Read
- Play the piano*
- Bible study*
- Blogging: Reading blogs and/or working on my own posts
- Quality time with the kids*

Hiking with Abel and GB

Playing Busytown with Swede

[Most of these happen on the weekend.]
- Church
- Baking project with Swede. This month it's all things pumpkin!
- Date with Jonathan*
- Library
- Cleaning/Laundry
- Meal Planning
- Make a "nicer" dinner on Sunday*
- Visit with my parents (beyond dropping off & picking up the kids during the week)

Mid-afternoon cocktails with J at Fifth Street Eatery

Licking the spoon is often the best part

- Review budget spreadsheet*
- Update Shutterfly photo album: I do an album per year and it makes it so much easier to update once or twice a month rather than trying to organize the whole year in January.
- Accomplish something from the long-term to-do list*
- Review monthly & annual goals

- Race calendar: Chose races for the upcoming year. Set goals and develop training plans.
- Vacations*
- Holiday/Seasonal traditions
- Identify projects and goals for the year ahead

At the Narrow Gauge 10-Mile in May

Christmas traditions are some of my favorites

* Indicates a work in progress... I'd like to do it regularly but it doesn't always happen. Re: Quality time with the kids, I spend time with them every day obviously but I want to have more dedicated one-on-one time with each kid with no agenda. Re: Vacations - Ideally we'd do one family vacation and one parents-only vacation.

Not on the list currently: 1) I'd like to get outside more, especially hiking and eventually camping with the kids. 2) I wish I had time for a crafty project - I've enjoyed cross-stitching in the past and I need to cash in the "learn-to-quilt" class series I bought at a silent auction.

Sometimes when I look at this list (which I've been editing for a couple weeks now) I think: Where's the FUN? But then I remember that fun is more often an attitude rather than an activity. Mindfulness studies have shown that what we are doing is about half as important to happiness as how focused we are on what we're doing in the present moment. So the key is to approach each and every moment with attention and respect and gratitude.


  1. I love how you categorize your goals! It seems like you are doing so well and making great progress. I love that you involve your kids in so many fun things like baking and walking the dog. :) Date nights are very very important. :) I also will maintain until the end of time that having a goal is half the battle. Getting yourself to think about it and even make little bits of progress on it. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I thought it was interesting and helpful to break things out this way.
      This weekend the baking project was Nutella cookies which were (sadly, and bizarrely, because how can you go wrong with Nutella) disappointing.

  2. I love this!! I need to get better on personal goal setting these days, I feel so caught up on the day to day things that bigger goals etc slip away. We are getting back with date nights after a busy summer it felt like we did not get away as much as I would have liked.

    1. I agree, The day-to-day can be so overwhelming that I need to remember to look at the big picture more often.
      We found a regular babysitter earlier this year and it's been so great!

  3. This is such a great post! I need to make a list of goals for during my husband's deployment - if only to keep me on track and sane during the process. And quilting sounds so awesome - I need to try it!

    1. I thought this was an interesting and helpful and different approach to thinking about goals. Learning how to quilt and also how to can are things I want to do someday. (AKA when the kids are older).

  4. I LOVE this. I am so good at making "goals" each month. But not so great at listing the little things that I usually do, but like to make a habit of. I especially love the monthly things! I may need to make this a habit myself.

    1. I really liked this idea too and it was fun putting the list together, I've already referred back to it many times when organizing my day and week.

  5. I could definitely take some fab notes from you! Thanks for sharing this! Xo


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