Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekend [November 5-6, 2016]

Are we sure that Daylight Savings isn't a malicious joke designed to torment parents of young children? I remember those carefree days when I'd be so glad for the extra hour to sleep in... They are long gone!

The usual Daylight Savings complaints aside... We had a nice weekend! It was also a picture-taking weekend - I do them every 2-3 weeks and try not to take many photos otherwise - So I have some good ones to share with you.

On Saturday morning it was rainy and gloomy so we had a slow start to the day with extended pajama time and a pancake breakfast.

Eventually the kids and I headed to the gym where I ran five miles, and then we picked up Jonathan and went to the library.

In the afternoon our regular babysitter came over so Jonathan and I headed out for a late lunch at the Fifth Street Eatery.

An epic fried chicken sandwich and the best cheesy grits

In the evening Swede and I visited my parents for another singalong & game night plus Snickerdoodle cookies. This is a really fun tradition that we've started!

Current favorite song = God Bless America

Sunday morning felt like the longest morning ever with a 5:30 wake-up call from Mr. Abel. He took his first nap from 7:30-9 and then we went to church. While Swede "napped" - She has mostly given up napping but we are still doing a quiet time in her room in the early afternoon - I took Abel and Gumball on a long hike. Gumball was very excited to stretch her legs after two rainy days cooped up inside.

Then we attempted (and had great success!) with a family dinner out at Tacos Nayarit. I'm always on pins and needles when we go out to eat with the kids, but they were so well behaved. Abel was the wild card, but he happily gobbled up avocado and refried beans then spent the rest of the time smiling like this at anyone who glanced his way.

I love that you can see his lone bottom tooth in this photo!

We did get another early bedtime from the kids (although I'm sure an early bedtime for me is to follow) and so Jonathan and I started watching Jurassic World. I think all the Jurassic Park movies are so scary! [I'm a wuss about scary movies.] In middle school my friend Megan and I used to love scaring ourselves silly by watching the original at sleepovers.

Oh, Also! Swede and I made pumpkin cheesecake bars - Yum.

Upcoming this week...


Mon: Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole from Cookies & Cups [This didn't get made last week because I missing an ingredient and couldn't handle going back to the store a third time.]

Tue: Hoisin Stir-Fry Bowls with Spicy Peanut Sauce from Budget Bytes. [This is my second time making this and it's just as good as everyone said. A great way to get some veggies in - I also add broccoli.]

Wed: Garden Supper Hot Dish. [AKA Tuna Casserole, a family heirloom classic circa 1978.]

Thu: Green Bean & Mushroom Mac from Rachael Ray

Fri: Leftovers... Or possibly (probably) take-out

What else is going on this week? Exercise is the same old same old. I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, although thankfully it's just a cleaning now that root canal ordeal is over. On Friday I have lunch plans with my first (maybe) Durango friend - It's only taken two (and a half) years! I'm also planning to finish up my Christmas shopping this week - I don't think I have ever been so far ahead of the game but it feels good to have it taken care of before Swede's birthday on November 18th starts the holiday whirlwind.

I hope that you had a great weekend and a smooth transition to Daylight Savings!


  1. i was wondering--how much does Swede sleep at night? i have a daughter who was 3 in August, and she actually has started taking a long (2 hrs) nap most days recently, though generally only sleeps 10 hours a night. would be interested to know how much Swede sleeps since it sounds like she doesn't nap. and, if it makes you feel any better, both my kids were up before 5 on Sunday, so believe me, it could be worse!

    1. If she skips her nap then she's in bed much earlier and sleeps close to 12 hours - 7-7. If she takes a nap then it's about 10 hours at night. So about 12 hours overall either way. Not sure I prefer the break at naptime or just an earlier bedtime!

  2. If I saw Abel grinning at me like that at a restaurant, I think I would die from the cuteness! I love that Swede's favorite song right now is God Bless America - that is so sweet. Would you believe I've never seen Jurassic Park? Especially since I have the soundtrack on CD (which is beautiful). Yay for lunch plans on Friday - I hope it goes well!!!

    1. He was a pretty big hit at the restaurant. J and I (and Swede) are all much quieter and reserved so we are not sure where Mr. Personality came from! Recessive genes I guess. :-)

      I have a wide repertoire of folksy and patriotic songs that Swede & I sing together in the car. I'm always so impressed when she'll pick up a new one after just a couple times through!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Amelia was up at 5:30am on Sunday too, but luckily had a three hour nap in the afternoon

    1. We are slowly getting back on track to a more reasonable morning wake-up time, thank goodness, and I do appreciate that it's light earlier!


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