Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Weekend

Hey Friends! Did you have a nice Christmas? We had a great long weekend of festivities here. Of course there were difficult moments due to the kids being over-excited and/or over-tired at various times but overall it was really special and fun.

I had the day off work on Friday so we made Christmas cookies. Bless my mom for inviting into her house the chaos of baking & decorating cookies with a three-year-old! We used this recipe and they were delicious.

We also watched The Polar Express and Swede tried hot chocolate with marshmallows for the first time. [A big hit, obviously.]

On Saturday I ran four miles at the gym, watched The Polar Express again with Swede, and then we tried to go to church but it was too crowded! I was really disappointed, but now I know that next year we'll need to get there much earlier. Instead we went over to my parents' house and sang Christmas carols.

Not sure why Abel looks so concerned here...

This is the face she makes if you ask her to smile

On Christmas Day we opened presents and had coffee at home. This horse, which Swede immediately named "Horsey the Cow" was a big hit with both kids.

There was a big snow on Christmas morning and Swede helped Jonathan shovel the driveway. She's a hard worker!

We went to my parents' house for a delicious breakfast, including my favorite homemade cinnamon rolls, and opened more presents over there. The most exciting presents were a tent for Swede and an indoor slide for Abel that will stay in the playroom there.

Abel loves going down the slide

New slippers for me!

Swede and I watched The Polar Express again. [Are you seeing a trend here?] And then while the kids napped I took Gumball out for a snowshoe - It was great to be outside in the fresh air and the new snow was beautiful.

We went to Jonathan's parents house for dinner and, of course, to open more presents! We had a Thanksgiving-y meal of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and delicious rolls from Serious Delights. Jonathan and Swede also made their annual gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert.

On Monday I had a great five mile run at the gym - I am so thankful that the kids enjoy the child care there so much. Then we played at home with all the new toys and - guess what! - watched The Polar Express once again. I am definitely ready to put that movie aside until next year!

Just a couple last photos of my favorite kids:

That's all! I'm back to work tomorrow for another short week to finish up 2017!


  1. So sorry Church didn't work out for you this year. Ours gets really crowded on Christmas eve too so we do try to go earlier than usual. We have a large family and all try to sit together so that makes it difficult too.

    The kids are so cute!

    1. There was five different Christmas Eve services, I'm not sure if I picked the most crowded one or if they are all like that - This is my first Christmas at this church so at least I know for next year!

  2. I wanted to watch Polar Express but Avery wasn't into it. Boo!
    Sounds like a great Christmas! We got a ton of snow on the weekend too so I stayed close to home, today I finally left to do some shopping lol.

    1. Swede wasn't into Polar Express the first time we tried it but after we read the book a dozen times and did the actual Polar Express train ride it has become a favorite.

  3. I love how much you bake with Swede. It makes me think about traditions for my someday family. Glad you had a lovely Christmas weekend. I wish we'd had more snow. It's felt like spring or absolutely freezing here depending on the day. Oh Kansas... :P XO - Alexandra

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