Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Actual Christmas Shopping List

Hey Friends! I'm sure you've seen enough Gift Guides by now, and with <10 days until Christmas I hope that you're getting close to done shopping, but I thought it would be fun to share my actual Christmas shopping list. This was a record-breaking year in that I was done shopping by mid-November. I have yet to wrap a single present though, so I have that task looming ahead of me.

[ATTENTION: Real Life Family & Friends! Read no further if you want your gift to be a surprise.]

For Swede: I decided to start the want/wear/need/read gift strategy, although this year I'm skipping "need" because I think she has everything she needs.

Want: "Doctor on Call" Play Set - She loves to play "Dr. Swedey." Her most common prescription is: "You have to stay in bed for three years!"
Wear: Arctic Cat Patchwork Applique T-Shirt - She asked for this shirt ages ago while flipping through a catalog. Hopefully she still likes it.
Read: Penguin's Christmas Wish by Salina Yoon. We love this series!

Her only request from Santa is a candy cane... Done! If only she will always be this easy to please. I do still want to get one more little stocking stuffer present for her - Any ideas?

For Abel: His only present is the Rockin' Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On. This has gotten rave reviews from my friend Tyffani's little boy who is three months older than Abel. Oh, I did just also pick up a Baby Reindeer Finger Puppet Book for his stocking.

For Jonathan: The Langdale Crew Sweater from Boden, which is now out of stock in this stripe - Good thing I did buy early! And a Frieling Insulated French Press (aka the best French Press money can buy).

For Jonathan's parents: A Skylight Frame. Thanks to Alexandra for this idea! The neat thing about this digital photo frame is that it has a specific email address so anyone can email photos directly to the frame.

For my parents: An old-fashioned ice cream maker. I know this might seem like a weird present for the middle of winter but I think they'll really enjoy making ice cream with the kids in summers to come.

I only exchange presents with two friends, but for one I picked up Run Fast Eat Slow and for the other I did cozy socks and tea

My wish list: This Snowman Sweater is too cute! When I showed it to Jonathan he said: "I would never have picked that out myself but it really is so you." I'm also pretty sure that The Trespasser is coming my way too.

That's all! Have you finished your Christmas shopping?


  1. Aww that snowman sweater is so cute! I love it when kids give Santa easy ideas for Christmas - Molly once asked for toothpaste and a surprise - OK, no problem! lol. The year before that she asked for a boat though ;)
    That snowman sweater is super cute!

    1. It's so funny the things they come up with to ask for at this age! Swede is dead set on the candy cane this year, She requested it from two separate Santas this weekend. :-)

  2. I have very few little things left to pick up.

    The idea of the Skylight frame is awesome, I like that you can email photos to it.

    1. It seems so much easier for everyone to email the photos directly to the frame, and then I can surprise them with a new one now and then too.

  3. That little penguin book looks so cute! I am OBSESSED with kids Christmas books, so I might have to go find that one.

    That French press - oh, my! A French press was my first Mother's Day gift but it wasn't the best one out there so it's kinda rusty already. I'm sure your hubby will LOVE that!

    1. I have had a hard time this year not buying all the adorable Christmas picture books this year - There are so many good ones!

  4. We aren't doing gifts this year, but your kids gifts are too cute. I hope she loves her kitty sweater, it's awesome. We are gifting our parents handmade clay footprint ornaments from Ellie, which I think they will enjoy, but no gifts other than that from us this year. We will probably have more fun with her and our gifts next year!

    1. The ornament idea is great, It's nice that you are doing a low-key year this year, One less thing to worry about with a new baby. It's much more fun getting presents for older kids, Newborns have everything they need and don't even know what's going on!

  5. Love the want // need // wear // read tradition.

    Having no idea what is appropriate for a 3 year old, or even what they're into...if she wanted a candy cane would she like other peppermint or striped things in her stocking? Like, maybe red and white socks would be fun? Or a peppermint baking mix that you all could make together & enjoy?


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