Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Week Ahead [Jan 15, 2017]

Hey Friends! I've decided to revitalize this series that fell off the radar during the busyness of moving in October, birthdays and Thanksgiving in November, and all things Christmas in December. It really is a good way for me to get organized for the week ahead though so I'm going to try to keep it going.

Random photo of the week

First - A quick review of the weekend: It was pretty quiet. Everyone (except for me, but I'm sure it's coming) is a little under the weather. I ran six miles on Saturday and we went to church on Sunday, but otherwise we stayed close to home. My weekly baking project with Swede was strawberry cheesecake streusel muffins. I'm reading The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper as well as Better than Before and watching the new season of Mozart in the Jungle.

Upcoming this week:


Mon: Baked Chicken with Creamy Tomato Sauce from Dinner: A Love Story

Tue: Southwest Scrambled Eggs from Budget Bytes
Wed: Five Vegetable Cheddar Soup from A Beautiful Mess
Thurs: Spuds Deluxe - My at-home version of J's favorite breakfast from Snooze
Fri: Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Seriously Delish


I am doing a challenge group this month with Nicole as part of the Beachbody Health Bet, and I'm starting to build my mileage base for the half marathons I have planned this summer. [Check back on Tuesday for my 2017 Race Calendar!]

A requirement of the Health Bet is to photo your Shakeology.

Mon: 21DF Dirty 30
Tue: Run 5 miles
Wed: Run 5 miles
Thu: 21DF Cardio
Fri: 21DF Yoga
Sat: Run 7 miles
Sun: Rest


There's not much going on except that I'm starting to get busy at work. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and Tuesday is a double birthday day for both my brother and my friend Gabbie. [Happy Birthday Rob! Happy Birthday Gabbie!] Otherwise I'm just trying to stay healthy, trying to stay in the moment, and trying to REST.

Also! Great news that I haven't shared yet: We sold our old house! You might remember me complaining in December how the first offer we had fell through. Luckily, a second (better!) offer came in on Christmas Eve and we closed last Wednesday - Hooray! It is such a relief to have that settled, and now we can really, truly enjoy our new house.

That's all!


  1. Congrats on finally selling your house! I'm glad it was an even better offer! I hope you are enjoying Better Than Before. I really enjoyed that one - as well as Gretchen Rubin's books on happiness.


    1. Better than Before is so fascinating! Gretchen Rubin is a genius. :-)

  2. We got amazon prime last month and I already quickly watched through the only shows available knstupid Canada...and Mozart isn't available to us! So bummed. BUT- my cousin is one of the writers on transparent and she also has a cameo on it- I loved it but it's pretty deep

    1. Oh, Bummer that you don't get all the Prime shows in Canada! I have been enjoying Mozart.
      BTW, Making the nutella choc chips cookies this weekend, They look so yummy!

  3. So glad that you sold your house! Awesome! :) Eating healthy is a priority here too and we've been doing better (lots!) with yoga workouts. However, some external things have cut into time and energy the past few days. Hoping to finish strong this week/weekend! XO - Alexandra

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