Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Weekend and Week Ahead [Jan 22, 2017]

Hey Friends! Did you have a good weekend? We had a big snowstorm on Friday night into Saturday morning and so I didn't make it to the gym for my run, which was pretty much the shortest route ever to a bad mood. Someday I will handle the inevitable changes to The PLAN with more grace. Swede and I did have some fun one-on-one playtime while Abel napped though which was really nice.

I did go snowshoeing with Abel and Gumball later which was a serious workout in 12+ inches of fresh snow. 

Jonathan and I went out to dinner on Saturday night. We started at Seasons - It was supposed to be a fancy celebratory dinner because we sold the old house, but nothing on the menu looked as good as the price tag, so after a drink we headed to Brew Pub & Kitchen for a low-key but more fun evening. 

On Sunday there was church, pancakes, another snowshoe with Abel and GB, watching Beauty & the Beast with Swede, some downtime while the kids both napped, a quick visit with my parents, and a surprisingly great family dinner. [I said to J: "This is my dream come true!" Everyone sitting together at the table and happy to be there. Often the case is that Abel is more than ready for bed and/or Swede is negotiating how many more bites she needs to eat before going to play.]

Upcoming this week:


Mon: Sesame Ginger Salmon from How Sweet Eats. With rice and Brussels sprouts.
Tue: Taco Tuesday!
Wed: Chicken Tikka Masala - My super easy Crock-Pot version is HERE
Thu: Butternut Squash Carbonara from How Sweet Eats
Fri: Baked Feta with Olives & Tomatoes - Similar to this one but with cherry tomatoes


Mon: Upper Fix
Tue: Run 5 miles
Wed: Run 5 miles
Thu: Lower Fix
Fri: Yoga
Sat: Run 7 miles
Sun: Rest


Random items on the to-do list for this week include: 1) Updating our Amazon Prime "Subscribe & Save" items, 2) I've been doing really well at not buying new clothes for myself but I do think the kids need a few more things for the rest of winter, and 3) I think we've decided to look into getting weekly or bi-weekly cleaning done, but now I have to do the actual looking-into.

That's all! I hope you have a great week.


  1. Congrats on selling the house - what a relief. Just added that tikka masala recipe to my grocery list... thanks!

    1. You can beat a meal that takes 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare yet tastes great!

  2. Those pancakes look divine and I love abels sweater!

    1. The sweater does look like something that dapper Mr. Wes would approve. :-)

  3. I can only imagine how much of a workout snow showing IS, especially with a toddler on your back! We've had such a mild winter over here that I kind of miss having a big snow. I'm sure it's coming thought..haha.

    Congrats on selling the house. I bet that is a huge relief.

    1. We hadn't gotten that much snow so far this winter and I was missing it - Now, of course, during snowstorm #3 in 4 days... I'm singing a different tune.

  4. Congrats on selling the house! Don't you hate when a menu disappoints? I feel like when you cook a lot at home, it's hard to justify paying for a lot of the meals out there! Jim's always like, "you could make half of these recipes for a fraction of the cost!". But at least you two got out to celebrate! Abel is looking SO grown up! Are you guys close to trails/paths? Like can you just walk out your door and go snowshoeing basically? We had that when we lived in BC...while I don't miss the gloomy weather, I do miss that quick access to nature.

    1. The most irritating thing is that I checked the menu online and it looked great, but apparently is not updated regularly so the real menu was completely different - Arg!
      We do live in a walk-out-the-door-onto-the-hiking-trail area which is great although it does mean a) we're a bit outside town and b) I have random freak-outs re: mountain lions.

  5. Oh I love that, everyone at the table together!! So sweet! Thank you for always posting your menu recipes.. I'm in a slump sometimes! I like to know tried and true recipes for folks! :) If I am going to splurge on a dinner, I'd like it to be great! Good for you guys moving along! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I get so many good ideas from other bloggers who post their weekly meal plans. This year I decided to start keeping a running list of all the recipes we try this year - In the "Food" tab - I think it'll be so nice to have all my ideas & links in one place for meal planning in the future. I guess that's the point of Pinterest, but I get too easily overwhelmed on Pinterest with the what-I-should-be-doings.


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