Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend [Feb 5, 2017]

Hey Friends! I hope that you had a nice weekend. Did you watch the Super Bowl? More importantly - Did you have any good Super Bowl snacks?

Some notes from the weekend here:

1) A great 8-mile run for me on Saturday morning. It felt effortless!

2) Jonathan brought home these pretty flowers. Just because.

3) We wore funny hats. Just because.

4) We bought a new mattress! Am I officially old because I'm excited about a new mattress? [Don't answer that.]

5) I made a whole chicken in the slow-cooker for dinner on Saturday - Thanks to Heather and Brie for alerting me to this genius idea!

 6) I don't know why, but Abel in this photo looks like he belong in the '50s. He looks so darn wholesome. And eerily reminiscent of a photo of my dad at this same age. I should make it black-and-white and do a side-by-side comparison.

7) Abel's nap schedule had us going to church at 8 a.m. the past few months but it's shifted yet again and we're back to the 9:30 a.m. service which means a more leisurely Sunday morning. 

8) This is the first photo taken of Swede and Abel together in at least six months in which one of them is not blurry and/or crying. Progress!

9) My parents came over to watch the first half of the Super Bowl and have snacks. There were nachos.

10) I don't have anything else to say but I feel like I can't end a list at #9.

Upcoming this week:


Mon: Broccoli Shells & Cheese from Budget Bytes. Plus ham because we had some leftover from this soup last week <--Super good BTW!

Tue: Frozen Lasagna. [Bonus Swede-ism from the last time we had a frozen lasagna. My mom: What are you having for dinner? Me: Frozen lasagna. Swede: I like my lasagna better warmed up!]

Wed: Burritos

Fri: Pizza


I think it's time to switch up my cross-training because the 21 Day Fix workouts are starting to feel too rote. Suggestions?

Mon: Run 5 miles
Tue: Upper Fix
Wed: Run 5 miles
Thu: Lower Fix
Fri: Yoga
Sat: Run 8 miles
Sun: Rest

That's all! I hope that you had a nice weekend. Anything fun going on this week?


  1. Those flowers are so pretty! So sweet he brought them for you. What kind of mattress did you get? My husband and I are in the market for a new one. We looked around this weekend but it was overwhleming -- I didn't know how many varieties there were! Any recommendations?

    1. Honestly, I have no idea what mattress we got! My husband did all the research and spent a morning at the store - Bless him. It's a foam style which is different from what we had before & feels very luxurious.

  2. Pretty flowers!! Such a nice gesture!! The mattress looks comfy too! Glad you enjoyed the slow cooker chicken!! Cute little happy picture of your kids :)

    1. The slow-cooker chicken is definitely going to become a staple - So glad you told me about that!

  3. Just because flowers are the best & they're so pretty! And yay for a new mattress, definitely an exciting purchase! Such a sweet picture of Abel and Swede together. Your Thursday night pasta sounds delicious and we actually have some leftover pappardelle from a skinnytaste recipe.

    1. You should definitely try the pasta! I use sliced up Brussels sprouts instead of the leeks.
      Can't believe I managed to get a decent photo of the kids together for once!

  4. I love just because flowers :) They are the best! Have you tried any of the workouts from fitness blender? I really like them

    1. Just was checking out Fitness Blender now - I think I will try one tomorrow - Thanks!

  5. I also like a round 10 list!

    Great photo of the kids! Hurrah for a new mattress - that is excitement in adultland.

    1. I would have felt OK stopping at 8, but at 9... Nope. I think 9 is my least favorite number. It just feels like it's teetering on the edge.
      I do love our new mattress. Good sleep is priceless.

  6. Aww yes, I can see where Abel looks like he should be in an old timey picture! he's too cute!

    I made a Buffalo chicken dip for super bowl and I had some left over and put it on my turkey sandwich for lunch today. I know it sounds gross but it was really good! Have a fun week Kelly!

    1. Maybe it's the striped shirt? I don't know, He looks like Leave It to Beaver's little brother or something, Haha!
      I LOVE all things Buffalo so the dip (and the sandwich) both sound really good!

  7. The flowers are so sweet! I love that you share your recipes because I am always looking for more. Heather bringing up the whole chicken/crock pot blew my mind!! Can't wait to try it!! The photos of the kids are so cute! I was a little underwhelemed with the snacks this year during the super bowl.. .but i did not contribute... hhaha so I will not be complaining. It was great not to have to make dinner! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I am always looking for new recipe ideas (for normal people to make) - I follow some food blogs that have amazing food but it's too expensive and/or complicated.
      Still can't believe I got a semi-OK photo of the kids together!
      The nachos were really good but it didn't quite feel like the Super Bowl without anything Buffalo - That is my weakness! :-)

  8. Purchasing a new mattress is a very personal and rewarding experience, so I understand why you would be justifiably excited. Just think of all the appreciable comfort and rewarding rest that new mattress will provide a busy mother like yourself! It's also a great place to eat nachos and watch the Super Bowl. I know this because I've tried.


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