Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Currently - March 2017

Hey Friends! Welcome to "Currently - March 2017" aka "The Busy Season Edition." Most of my life revolves around work work work from mid-January to mid-April. I know I've been complaining about my busy work schedule lately but it is really hard to focus on anything else. It's not so much the extra hours as the stress of the deadline. 

I kinda want to pick up this t-shirt to Jonathan:

Here's what's been going on lately otherwise:

Listening To: I've been enjoying the "Happy Folk" playlist from Spotify.

Watching: Not much. My free time priorities are 1) exercise, and 2) reading. Sometimes I'll watch a random freebie movie from Amazon Prime when I'm feeling really burnt out... Mostly recently: The Cutting Edge - A classic! I'd really like to see the new Beauty and the Beast though.

Reading: I picked up a few library holds but I'm not sure I'm going to get to them all before they're due back in two weeks. I started with My (Not So) Perfect Life. I'm also making slow progress through The Danish Way of Parenting.

Feeling: Stressed.

Trying: To focus on the kids when I'm with the kids rather than thinking about all the work I need to do after they go to bed.

Craving: A night off.

Wearing: My most comforting item of clothing = An old North Face hooded sweatshirt. What I wish I was wearing? All the bright new summertime clothes I have saved in my Boden online shopping cart... Pretty sure I'm not going to make it the whole six months of my no-shopping ban.

Loving: Nice weather! Have I been this happy in the past when it finally starts to feel like spring? I don't remember. But this year I am thrilled to be spending more time outside. I foresee many trips to the playground this summer.

Not Loving: Busy season.

Praying: To not lose sight of my bigger priorities amidst the hustle bustle of this stressful time.

Looking Forward To: The end of busy season.

Eating: I am deeply obsessed with buttered toast. I know my go-to breakfast lately of a vanilla latte and buttered toast isn't the healthiest... But it's so good! Lately we've been picking up a couple loaves of fresh bread from a local bakery on Sunday - The cheddar jalapeno is amazing.

Planning: Summertime fun!

What are you up to lately?


  1. I hope the busy season ends soon! Is it end of March for you? I couldn't get into The Course of Love even though I know Anne Bogel highly recommended it. That shirt is awesome! I have a few friends who need it.

    1. April 15th (or actually it's the 18th this year) - I am kinda almost there. Except there's still so much to do that it makes me panic when I think about it!
      The Course of Love is the one that will be going back unread. I might try it again later but it seems a little grim.

  2. I literally laughed out loud at that t-shirt!
    I hope things slow down for you so you can enjoy the spring and not stress about how busy everything is.

    I'll have to check out Boden. I could use some spring clothes!

    1. Boden is my favorite! They are pretty $$ though so you MUST wait for sales.

  3. That t-shirt is too good! Hope you get a break soon! Yay for spring weather!

    1. A little jealous of you living in Florida! I am always more than ready for summer this time of year. :-)

  4. Whew... I can't imagine being an accountant during this time of the year! We have one that manages everything for our business and personal taxes, and I always pity him during our March mtg. Lol
    Send some spring weather our way ;) I need to get myself & the mutts moving soon. I feel like our bodies are in hibernation and the big dog is getting cabin fever. Yikes!

    1. I definitely start to question my career decisions this time of year...
      Come on SPRING! :-)

  5. Your breakfast sounds delicious!!

  6. Not buying clothes is hardest for me at the turn of seasons.

    I feel terrible for our accountants, we have so much crap going on.

    The Cutting Edge! Love. Toe pick.

    1. Toe pick! :-) Do people still watch that movie who didn't grow up with it?
      Spring and Fall is definitely when I feel the need to spruce up my wardrobe. I have a list of what I need for the summer and am going to try to limit myself to the list and then be done until fall...

  7. Just a month or so left to go of busy season!? You can do it! I can only imagine just how busy/stressed accountants are this time of year!

    Oh man, plain buttered toast really is the best, isn't it? Especially a fresh bakery loaf, mmmmm! My weakness.

    We head to Florida in 2 weeks and I cannot wait! I know I'm not working, but without family around, I feel like I never get a break or much alone time. Not that I'm complaining, but it will be so nice to have our inlaws around to help entertain Sully/hold the baby! ;)

    1. As always I'm thinking to myself if I made the best career decision and what I could/should maybe do instead...
      Although I think being home with two little ones is so difficult too!
      I hope you have a great time in Florida. :-)

  8. I'm really thrilled about spring too. I'm getting sick of being cooped up, and so is Caleb!

    Yes, really trying to do the same as you - focus on Caleb instead of stressing about everything under the sun. It's tough.


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