Thursday, May 18, 2017

Currently - May 2017

Hey Friends! It's time for another "Currently" post. Here's what I'm up to these days:

Listening to: The Runners World Show podcast. I've enjoyed following along with Editor-in-Chief David Willey's attempt to BQ, and remember how I said I wanted to have dinner with Shalane Flanagan? Well - The interview with her a couple weeks ago was the next best thing!

Watching: Most recently - Waitress, which makes me want to bake all the pies, and Bridget Jones' Baby, which was funny, but probably my least favorite of the three.

Reading: I'm working my way through my 2017 Summer Reading List. Right now it's The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova.

Wearing: I am loving my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe!

Feeling: Really stressed and anxious about things that don't matter. I probably feel this way every year but I've been having a hard time transitioning back to normal life after busy season. I have replaced the work to-do list with the life to-do list without decreasing the stress level at all.

Praying: To feel more peace and contentment, and to be present in the moment rather than worrying about tomorrow.

Trying: To do 15 minutes of yoga every night before bed. This is one of those on-again-off-again habits that feels so good when I manage to do it consistently.

Loving: Happy days with my loved ones!

Not Loving: Less happy days with my loved ones. Both kids have had some difficult moments lately. Abel is entering the "the testing age" (which is apparently what the Danish call the "terrible twos," as it has a more positive connotation) and Swede is, hopefully, nearing the end, but it's resulted in some very long days.

Looking Forward To: My BFF Laura is coming to visit Memorial Weekend. Look how little Swede and Abel were the last time she was here!

Eating: Inspired by Waitress I am making a ham & Brie quiche aka "Bad Baby Pie" for dinner tonight.

Planning: Our family vacation to Denver in June. I am excited to take the kids to the zoo for the first time!

That's all! What are you up these days?


  1. I really should listen to podcasts - when do you listen to them? I got distracted so easily!
    I hear you on not so happy these, yesterday Avery cried the whole way home from dayhome, then Chloe cried the whole time I made supper - can't win some days ;)

  2. I seriously need the peace and contentment too. I am always worrying and way too stressed about things. It's so tough though to relax, especially as a working mama. Sigh.

    I LOVE quiche. Yum. Enjoy!

  3. Family vacation sounds so fun! Enjoy your friend's visit too!

  4. I forgot I wanted to see Bridget Jones's Baby. Is it at the redbox?

  5. Awww look at little Abel! Oh wow the kids haven't been to the zoo, yet? How exciting. We have one about half an hour away so I want to take Ellie when she's a little bigger and will enjoy it. I hope the family time becomes more fun, less stress soon. You have so much on your hands with work and two kids.. I get so stressed with no work and one kid. But then the no work (for both of us) is part of the stress. I'm already semi-terrified of terrible two's and we have a while till we get there.

  6. I'll throw a little prayer and good vibes your way for a relaxing summer, too! Hopefully haveing your bff around and planning that vaca. will lighten things up a bit!
    I haven't seen Waitress but I love Sara Bareilles and I've heard wonderful things about the movie and musical! I want to see it!

  7. I totally know what you mean about the highs and lows of times with your favourite people. :) I love that phrase for the terrible twos they have one for threenagers? lol. ;) I hope things start to even out soon on that front. We are taking our kids to Toronto later in the summer (2 1/2 day drive, wish me luck!) to a HUGE zoo. We do have one nearby but it is not very exciting...I grew up loving the zoo so I think my kids will love it too - as will yours I'm sure!! I really liked Waitress and haven't thought about it in years - so many pies!!!

  8. Oh yes, what Heather said! So many highs and lows. How can a little person infuriate me and melt my heart all in the same minute?! I rarely have time to listen to a podcast, but I've been listening to The Minimalists one and quite enjoying it! The documentary was also really good (on Netflix)! And I really liked Waitress too, I remember seeing it in the theatres YEARS ago lol.


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