Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Hey Friends! Super long weekend recap coming at you so I won't waste any time!

On Friday my friend Laura drove down from Denver to visit. We went on a short hike with the kids and had pizza for dinner.

On Saturday we made doughnuts (these ones, which were a little disappointing, I like this recipe better) and then went to the swimming pool. Swede and I had so much going down the biggest water slide together.

While the kids napped we chatted on the back deck. I bought this rug from Wayfair last week and I love the way it makes the deck feel more like another room in the house. I am so much more inclined to spend time out there now!

Afternoon activities included: playing with the water table, drawing with chalk on the driveway, picking up race packets at the Durango Running Company, pimiento cheese sandwiches and chips and watermelon lemonade for dinner, and watching Anastasia with Swede.

On Sunday I ran the Narrow Gauge 10-Mile. Laura did the 4 Mile race. It was a beautiful day and I had a great race! Jonathan brought the kids down to the finish line. This is only the second time the kids have come to the finish (and last year Swede was super shy of the crowd and would not leave my mom's arms) so it was really great to see them there. My father-in-law did the 10-Mile too so we chatted with him. And there was also ice cream which was greatly appreciated by the under-4 crowd.

After nap time / quiet time for the kids we went to the river. It was very fun albeit very muddy. Main activities included filling a bucket with water and then dumping it out, throwing rocks into the river, watching rafts and kayaks go by, and trying to take off Mom's hat.

We had Rainbow Peanut Noodles for dinner, and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty after the kids went to bed.

Laura went back to Denver on Monday morning - My campaign to convince her to move to Durango is thus far unsuccessful. Jonathan and I took the kids to the playground, and then Swede and I baked my favorite Chai Snickerdoodles. In the afternoon we went on a short hike then had hot dogs and potato salad and root beer for dinner.

That's all! There were a few difficult melt-down moments as usual when dealing with small children but overall it was a really fun weekend.


  1. Wow that playground looks incredible!!! How did your race go? I bet it was so nice to see your kids at the end of it!! So nice to have your friend visiting for the weekend too. We watched Walter Mitty last year, I really liked it!!! We always have a few meltdowns every day/weekend/month/ etc. too. I hope they become fewer and further-between for you though!!

  2. All these pictures are so joyful! I love all the outside time for you guys! And that playground is like a child's dream! Daaanggg...
    My brother & his wife keep trying to convince my husband and I to move to Columbus, lol. They have also been unsuccessful thus far, too.
    I definitely thought your deck was a room due to the rug!

  3. Love your outdoor rug! We just got one but it is boring since I want new patio furniture and wanted something neutral to match anything.
    You guys had a great long weekend! That looks like a really cool park!

  4. That rug looks fantastic!

    Sounds like a fun and busy weekend.

  5. I love the deck rug! I've been pondering one, but I don't know which to choose - there are just SO many! Weekends with littles are always a little harder with meltdowns, but they're oh-so sweet, too :)

  6. GLad you had a fun weekend! Always great to visit with friends. I love that outdoor rug, I've been on the hunt for one. I'll have to check Wayfair.

  7. This sounds like a great weekend with your friend and your family! It sounds just like summer with summer time meals and fun. I love it. So glad you got to see your friend, but sorry that she's not ready to move out there. :P It's hard not living in the same place as close friends. XO - Alexandra

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