Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Race Recap: Narrow Gauge 10-Mile 2017

Hello! This race recap is coming a little late as I've been waiting for the race photos to be posted. They have still not been done yet but I can't wait any longer or I'll forget everything I wanted to say! I suppose the drawback to free race photos, or free anything for that matter, is that you can't be too picky.

This is the fifth time I've done the Narrow Gauge 10-Mile, but only the third time on this specific course. It was also my fastest time on this course compared to 1:32:12 in 2014 and 1:40:47 in 2016.

Last year's recap is HERE and includes more details about the course.

As you know my friend Laura was here visiting over Memorial Weekend and she ran the four mile race. It was nice having someone to chat with at the start.

I wore the Relay Capri 2.0 from Athleta, the Accelerate Tunic from New Balance, and Wave Rider 20 from Mizuno.

I know you've seen this photo before but it's the only one I have!

Mile 1 & 2 - 9:58 & 9:57. These first two miles are entirely uphill. I felt pretty good though. Steady. I knew I had to just plug away up the hill and then it would get easier.

Mile 3 & 4 - 8:33 & 8:54. Ugh, I forgot there was another hill in Mile 4. This part was looping around campus on Rim Drive with pretty views of the mountains.

Mile 5, 6, & 7 - 8:12, 7:36, 8:16. These miles are almost entirely downhill. I had fun and felt very floaty. At Mile 6 I was <54 minutes so I knew I'd made up from the first two slower miles back to 9 min/mi average pace which was my goal.

Mile 8, 9, & 10 - 8:32, 8:37, 8:41. These last three miles are on the bike path along the Animas River through town. I did fade a little but focused on catching up with Girl in Orange Shorts and then Man All in Blue which got me to the end on pace.

Final time - 1:27:16. This one of my faster times ever at the 10 mile distance. I did a 1:27:09 at the Snowman Stampede 10-Mile in 2012 and I *think* I ran a 1:25:XX in 2008 but that was before I kept track of race times.

As usual in Durango there was a pint glass instead of a medal. I am pretty indifferent either way as I don't keep medals and we have more pint glasses than we need. I really like the race shirt though. It is not a tech shirt which is better for me since I almost always run in tank tops anyway. I like the logo which is a throwback to the first year of the Narrow Gauge race - 40 years ago! Incredibly there is one runner who has done the race every year since.

That's all! It was a good race and I am happy with my time. It was also really fun that Laura participated too and that Jonathan brought the kids meet me at the finish line.


  1. Great job on your time! I'm always amazed by runners! So glad you got to run this with your friend! I don't think I would keep the pint glasses either. I acquire too much stuff as it is! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I think your time is incredible. I'm not a runner so anyone who does it just amazes me. Do you pick other runners to keep up with or (internally) compete with? That's so smart. (Sometimes I do that with cars on long or late-night drives, lol.)
    I love the shirts! That part of the country has such an interesting history- anything with an old-timey print is just too cool!
    Great job!

  3. That is amazing, congrats on your time. I bet the views were absolutely gorgeous (I'm only a lot jealous!).


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