Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Swedeisms [Vol.3]

I think it's time for another installment of the funny things that Swede has said lately. [See here and here for earlier posts!]

1) A conversation:
Grammy: What are you having for dinner tonight?
Me: Frozen lasagna
Swede: I like my lasagna better warmed up!

2) A story, by Swede: Once upon a time there was a little girl named Swedey. She went into the woods to give the bear a hug. But there was a big monster who wanted to eat her up! So she ran really fast back to the house.

3) Fog = Clouds that came down from the sky to say "Hello Swede!"

4) The first time we read "Jack and the Beanstalk" together she corrected me that it's "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English Muffin!"

5) While playing hide-and-seek: "OK Daddy, Don't move. Be as still as a dinosaur!"

6) Walking home from my parents' house one day with Swede and Abel - She's running ahead and I comment that Abel and I are slowpokes. Swede says: "I'm a fast poke!"

7) At bedtime:
Me: Close your eyes and go to sleep now.
Swede: My eyes don't like to be closed. They like to pop open and roll around in my head all night!

8) We are looking for a horseshoe in a "hidden pictures" game and Swede says: Is a horseshoe to shoo away the horses that are mean?

That's all! I'm looking forward to collecting Abel's funny sayings too once he starts talking more. His early words, for the record, are: Mama, Dada, Yes, No, Ball, Book, Bite, Bubbles - He's got the "B" sound figured out! - Up, This, Hello, and Bye-Bye.


  1. This is too cute. I also like my lasagne cooked! :P What a little ham! heheheh I love that you keep a record of this, it will be so fun to look back on! I can see wanting to put something like this in a scrapbook for my someday kiddos. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Swede is so cute!! How old is she again? Almost 4?? I can't quite remember ;) Her little story is awesome!!!

  3. I love reading these! So cute. The fog one was adorable. :)

  4. Aww, adorable! Will you be writing these down in a book?

  5. She is so cute and funny! I love the lasagna one.

  6. I love the "story" - Avery just started telling me stories too!
    I really love this age and the things they say :)

  7. She's so adorable! I like her story and her rationalizations- fast poke, still like a dinosaur, etc. Haha!


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